Inspired by need.

Driven by technology.

Not very many years ago, our Founders had one of those truly inspired ideas. They noticed it was nearly impossible for independent insurance agents to stay competitive without access to the products of large national insurance carriers. At the same time, they knew that many of the larger carriers did not have the time or the inclination to appoint independent agents who are unable to commit to large volumes of business.

That’s when an ingenious plan was developed – Start a company that uses the Internet to offer rating technology and provides independent agents the ability to obtain a quote from carriers. This would give independent agents the tools they need to stay competitive in the most in-demand markets.

So our Founders hit the ground running, and created the first online insurance rater. And while they were expanding the technology needed to make their plan work, carriers liked the idea so much that they began knocking on our door offering to provide their rates to us, as long as our company, aptly named Superior Access, would process the business.

The idea caught on fast. Quotes became binds in impressive numbers, which led carriers to respond to the burgeoning online business with even more markets. Suddenly, Superior Access was exactly that: “superior access” to markets and products previously inaccessible to the independent agent.

Now, almost twenty years later, Superior Access is an established online insurance wholesaler and distributor, providing fast access to a variety of insurance products. What’s even better is that our recently updated Website offers greater agent visibility and more tools than ever before. Today, independent insurance agents can effectively find, quote and bind business faster and more successfully than ever before. And that, we think, everyone can agree is a truly inspiring idea.

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