Agents Can Help Parents Better Understand Coverage for Teen Drivers

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  • Many parents whose children just started driving within the last few years might constantly be on the lookout for new ways to make sure their auto insurance premiums remain as low as possible, even as they cover inexperienced operators who present far greater risk for policy providers. Fortunately, experts say that there are many things they may be able to do in this regard, but it may be incumbent upon agents to help walk them through that process of finding and obtaining such discounts when they’re able.

    The fact of the matter is that insuring a teen driver isn’t always affordable, but parents may have the ability to reduce those costs in a number of ways, according to a report from the Motley Fool. This goes beyond looking for discounts, and gets more into driving habits and other aspects of what helps to determine a premium in the first place.

    “Aside from the insurance aspects, parents need to appreciate their role as the risk manager for their teens who drive,” Greg Serio, managing director at Park Strategies LLC, who is also a former insurance commissioner of New York, told the site. “Limiting a teen’s hours of operation, restricting the number of riders in a car, and prohibiting the use of cell phones or texting devices (which can be double-checked through the cell service bills) are all ways a parent can prevent or mitigate risks.”

    What to look out for
    There are many things that teens might try to do in their first few years behind the wheel, which often lead directly to accidents, the report said. Chief among them is simple inexperience, but these also include such missteps as driving with passengers of the same age, driving at night, distracted driving, and driving while they’re tired, among others.

    Insurance agents who can help policyholders find the largest number of available discounts are, of course, likely to keep those clients pretty happy overall. However, it should also be noted that consumers generally like to be able to access high-quality customer service whenever they have a question or concern about their plan. And, as such, it might be wise for agents to do more than just find the occasional discount, and actually try to build a rapport with their customers on an ongoing basis. Doing so might serve to significantly boost customer satisfaction in the future, and likewise bring with it retention rates.