Agents May Want to Recommend Improvements to Cut Home Insurance Costs

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  • These days, millions of Americans may have various types of insurance coverage that can end up having a big monthly or annual price tag when taken together, and as such, they may be constantly on the lookout for ways to cut their costs. When this happens, it might be wise for insurance agents to try to work with them on ways to reduce these prices, such as by making simple improvements to their properties that can result in sizable deductions for a relatively small up-front fee. Doing so, in turn, can dramatically improve customer relationships and help to ensure that people are as happy with their coverage as possible.

    Consumers in states where there may be a greater risk for property damage are probably used to paying thousands annually for their home insurance policies. However, many likely do not know that there are cost-cutting measures they can take that will keep their coverage price as low as possible, according to a report from Fort Myers, Florida, television station WINK. For instance, those in hurricane- or tornado-plagued areas who invest in wind mitigation measures that are up to state-imposed standards could see their policy costs drop considerably

    What are the savings?
    Experts say that by simply adding a few more nails each to the straps designed to keep a roof in place in high wind, consumers can reduce their home insurance premiums by 30 or even 50 percent; the state average for this kind of fix is 39 percent, the report said. The one-time cost for all these improvements, which need to be done by professionals, is somewhere between $800 and $900, but the annual insurance savings alone should more than cover that in the first year – some homeowners can reduce their premiums by as much as $2,500 annually.

    Insurance agents who can provide discounts with regularity might be valued a little better than those who cannot, but surveys suggest that if people have good, working relationships with these professionals, they will be even more inclined to stick with their current insurers, and potentially recommend them to their friends. For this reason, it might be wise for agents to try to find the right balance between occasionally finding ways to reduce premium costs while also helping consumers to get the kind of service they need, even before a problem that results in a claim might arise.