Why Agents Say Fast Quotes Matter

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  • Why Agents Say Fast Quotes Matter

    The insurance business is becoming increasingly competitive, especially with Online Internet technology companies like giant Google entering the market, creating disruption, (then exiting) . What does this mean for independent agents and how they can differentiate themselves from all the competition?

    According to a recent survey conducted by Superior Access, agents ranked “fast turn-around times” the Number 1 priority when choosing an internet insurance quoting platform. Why? They need a tool that enables them to be more responsive, with more options, faster than ever before if they are going to be successful. Not only that, but they need the platform and service available in real time in order to be able to offer their clients truly a hassle-free, superior experience. And fast, superior service means agents can bind more business and out-service their competition.

    In the survey, “breadth and depth” was ranked close behind “fast turnaround times.” Agents not only need to be able to turn around a quote quickly, but they need access to multiple quotes from multiple insurance carriers with multiple lines of business. As insurance needs change, the market is changing with them, and customers want to know that their agent is truly providing them with the best insurance option for their individual needs.

    The Superior Access web platform delivers on both fast turn-around-time and superior insurance carrier access. We turn around quotes – and provide all the support tools necessary – so that agents can spend more time doing what they do best – booking business.

    Some of the ways in which the Superior Access web-based platform helps agents deliver on fast turnaround times includes these features:

    • We tell agents how long it will take to process a request, so they can keep their clients informed.
    • We give agents continuous, real-time status of all requests and transactions.
    • We proactively let agents know when a renewal is up, so they can get a new quote in fast.
    • We send email alerts for items requiring immediate action right to an agent’s mobile device, so there is never any delay.

    These are just a few ways that Superior Access has listened and responded to the critical need to fast, easy and superior turn-around times for multiple quotes from multiple carriers.