Agents Should Advise on Home Features to Cut Premium Costs

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  • Over the past several years, many insurance agents have likely had to deal with the occasional consumer who balks at the cost of home insurance coverage, simply because this type of plan has seen prices rise appreciably in many parts of the country. However, many consumers may not know about the various ways in which they can reduce those bills, such as by making relatively minor additions to their homes, which can in turn serve to reduce their risk factors. Agents who can highlight these savings options might end up having much better relationships with their clients.

    For instance, in places where thunderstorms are regular features in the spring and summer months, it might be wise for consumers to invest in lightning rods for their homes, according to a report the Cincinnati Enquirer. These can not only significantly reduce the risk of a fire if their houses are struck by lightning, but could also cut their monthly home insurance costs because of that same reduced risk.

    What’s the cost?
    The problem with such features – or those that can reduce wind damage in areas often affected by hurricanes and tornadoes – is that they typically cost a few thousand dollars to install, the report said. That’s a fairly big payout all at once, but it may be recouped – and then some – over the course of several years or more, depending on the coverage and home itself. Further, data shows that the cost of these home safety features are often far smaller than those for repairing the damage caused if such an incident affects the structure, which may further give owners incentive to invest in them as soon as possible.

    The ability to provide high-quality customer service to consumers is perhaps the most important aspect of being a good insurance agent. In fact, polls show time and again that policyholders actually appreciate this in a representative more than they do the ability to simply find them the occasional discount. For this reason, it might be wise for agents to do all they can to provide friendly, helpful customer service and build a rapport with their clients, while also occasionally going the extra mile to provide them with a discount here and there. That could make the difference between a good relationship and a great one going forward.