Agents Should Help Small Business Owners Get Enough Home Insurance

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  • Many consumers these days are fully aware of all the risks they might face when it comes to getting adequate home insurance coverage, but this may be particularly important to people who operate small businesses on their properties. Because of this kind of problem, many people who face a major weather incident or other reason for a hefty claim might have even more reason for concern when disaster strikes: They’re not only risking the loss of their home, but also their livelihood. As a result, home insurance agents might want to do as much as they possibly can to ensure that clients who work from home and are self-employed are adequately protected by their policies.

    Today, more than 43 million people across the country run some kind of small business out of their homes, and may think that many aspects of those operations are going to be covered in the event of a major incident by their standard home insurance policies, according to a report from the Reading Eagle. However, insurance experts say that this isn’t always the case, often because those policies are not intended to cover anything beyond the typical equipment and necessities seen in a traditional home.

    What to do?
    For that reason, it is often wise for small business owners – and their agents – to look into ways of making sure a home and company are fully protected when necessary, the report said. Some coverage providers, for instance, offer additional policies to specifically protect the companies that operate out of a home, while others may be able to simply add on further protections to existing homeowners insurance policies. Further, if the small business also has its own vehicle, that might also need its own plan.

    The more insurance agents can do to help consumers deal with potential issues that they might face as a result of their coverage needs, the better off they’re likely to be in terms of how that client views them and their company. Strong customer service is, understandably, vital to keeping customer satisfaction rates as high as possible, but at the same time, agents might also want to look out for other ways to improve those relationships. For instance, having the ability to provide additional affordability through the occasional discount could likewise go a long way toward helping consumers feel better about their coverage.