Arizonans Learning Importance of Flood Insurance the Hard Way

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  • There are many kinds of home insurance protections that consumers must have these days in order to make sure that the things for which they are at the greatest risk will be covered by their plans. However, there are other types of add-ons for these policies that may be vital as well, and often, people don’t even realize that’s the case. One such issue recently – and unfortunately – reared its head in Arizona, leaving many residents worried about being able to pay for repairs. As such, insurance agents may need to do more to alert consumers to the risks they might face if they go without certain types of coverage.

    Many residents may not have thought that Flagstaff, Arizona, would be a hotspot for flooding, but the fact of the matter is that just one recent incident left many in a dire situation, according to a report from the Arizona Republic. A slew of rainstorms in the area left many local homes flooded, and owners there have found out the hard way that their home insurance policies simply didn’t cover such incidents, because they didn’t have flood-specific plans.

    “I didn’t have flood insurance so the insurance company will pay for nothing,” Don Riggs, a homeowner affected by the issue, told the newspaper. “I never thought about getting flood insurance for where we’re located … if I was living in a floodplain I could understand that, but it was unbelievable.”

    What can be done?
    Unfortunately for the homeowners affected by this issue, it may be too late, but their story at least serves as a cautionary tale for themselves and others going forward, the report said. Local officials are now warning residents about the importance of having flood insurance and other kinds of coverage that might not seem to be applicable to the area given its climate, but may nonetheless remain important.

    In general, consumers have repeatedly shown that they actually prefer the ability of an insurance agent to provide high-quality customer service than their being able to simply provide lower prices. For this reason, the conversations that agents have to help educate their clients about the risks they face, and what their policies cover – or should cover – at any given time, might go a long way toward building a better relationship, and potentially making the customer not worry so much about paying a little more for their plans.