Auto Insurance Customers May Now Want to Make Claims Via App

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  • These days, people use their smartphones and other mobile devices for many things in their everyday lives, and expect that companies will rise to meet their perceived needs in this way. Interestingly, that is now coming to include auto insurance companies. As such, agents may want to keep close tabs on the ways in which consumers’ preferences change, and do all they can to meet those concerns, or pass them on to those who can.

    Today, a small but growing number of auto insurers across the country are giving consumers more flexibility with the ways in which they can file claims when their vehicles are damaged, or do damage to something else, according to a report from CNBC. Now, they can use a dedicated smartphone app to start the claims process, and even call for a tow truck or check in on the status of the repairs their automobiles may need, all within a relatively short period of time.

    “You don’t have to wait around anymore for an adjuster to show up,” Ellen Carney, a principle analyst for Forrester, told the news network. “It completely changes consumers’ perspective on insurance.”

    Why it’s a benefit to both customers and insurers
    In the past, people who might have gotten into auto accidents would have had to wait a period of a few days, or sometimes even more than a week, to receive an estimate on the cost of damages to their cars, the report said. But with the app, many insurers are reducing that time to just a few hours, which can help to significantly expedite the repair process, and at the same time reduce the stress consumers may feel. 

    Meanwhile, the app can also reduce costs for insurers overall, the report said. For instance, they won’t have to pay to send adjusters out to potentially far-flung locations to assess damage, and the savings in man-hours alone can be substantial as a result. However, many experts also point out that these apps are really only useful for minor accidents, as major ones will have to be assessed more thoroughly.

    Still, the benefit is obvious for many companies, and that’s why they continue to develop these options for consumers. Agents may want to stay up to date with all the latest changes in this regard, because it could end up providing significant benefit to all involved in the claims process if consumers are aware of how it works.