How to Become A More Efficient Agent with SAIS

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  • Things to clarify

    Superior Effectiveness thru Superior Efficiency

    It’s a no-brainer: Cross-selling insurance improves retentions, increases profits, and strengthens relationships by offering customers everything from Auto and Home to pet insurance.

    But while there are no statistics on how many independent agencies are actively cross-selling to their customers, many experts say they’re not doing it as often as they should—in spite of the fact that their survival in today’s customer-driven environment may depend on it.

    According to the book Marketing Metrics, businesses have a 60 to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer while the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5% to 20%.

    What’s Holding Cross-Selling Back?

    Some high level reasons some agents are reluctant to cross-sell are:

    • Efficiency of Processes
      • Efficiency is key in the working world. Customers don’t want to be bothered to have to provide their information more than once to get an insurance quote. Not only does it take more of the customer’s time to repeat information, but it takes up the insurance agent’s time to have to fill it in on different forms multiple times.
      • Being an efficient agent is going to make both your time and your customers time more valuable. You waste time by repeating their information every time they request a new quote. What if your customers want multiple products at one time and you are unable to bundle? You would need to get them a quote for each insurance line they are asking for. Not only does this take more of your time, but it takes more of their time, which can lead to unhappy customers.
      • If all of your customer information isn’t in one place, how much time are you going to waste searching for it? Wasting time searching for customer information instead of having it right in front of you decreases your available time to be assisting customers.
    • A Bird in the Hand
      • Trying to cross-sell another product may cause you to lose the current sale you have in the bag. Producers on one side fear their counterparts or competitiveness of other products will “screw up” their client relationships. Another big issue still comes down to service—if an agency can’t effectively service both lines, then it is best to not cross-sell. But it opens the door for other agencies to come in and take all the business.
    • Failure to See the Big Picture – Client Needs
      • Some agency owners see their business as a sales organization designed to support their lifestyles. When they need more money, their solution is to attach a new niche market or get a new product to sell. Visionary agents who succeed at cross-selling don’t approach it through hard sell, but as another way to meet all of the risk mitigation needs of their clients.
    • But wait there’s more ..
      • Customer retention and customer acquisition don’t have to be two parallel lines that never meet. In fact, when done right, customer retention campaigns can actually bring in new business. How? Through word-of-mouth and referrals, of course. By implementing smart retention strategies and treating your customers well, you are increasing the likelihood of getting referrals.

    Increase Your Efficiency with SAIS

    So, how does Superior Access increase your customer retention, help you become a more efficient agent, and increase your cross-selling? Superior Access allows you to interview your customers one time to provide them with multiple products – there is a single input for multiple solutions. There’s one area to keep all customer requests, so everything is in one place displayed right in front of you. If your customer wants more than one insurance product, you are able to offer multiple products at the same time to provide your customer with bundled discounts. This means that as an agent, you are able to sell multiple products per sale easier and more efficient than before.

    Superior Access also offers fast turnaround times from experts in the industry so you don’t have to wait for answers or learn new carriers. The platform allows you to manage and track your business so you won’t be searching for customer information. Becoming a more efficient agent is easy with Superior Access.

    For more information on Superior Access Insurance Solutions, please visit