Benefits of Going Through an Independent Insurance Agent

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    When it comes time to renew your insurance, where do you go? Do you call your insurance company to try to get a better deal? Instead of going direct to your insurance company, you should give a call to an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents give you more options for carriers, products, price and insurance knowledge.

    More Carriers

    Instead of being bound to a direct insurance company, independent agents have access to multiple carriers. They aren’t working for an insurance company directly so they can give you multiple carriers to choose from with no influence from a direct company. Consumers like to have choices and an independent agent lets you have a choice in insurance.

    More Products

    Independent agents have access to more products, which means they are a one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs. Whether you need auto, home, pet, umbrella or business insurance, an independent agent is likely to have all of the solutions you need.

    More Savings

    An independent agent is going to give you choices between multiple insurance companies, which gives you the power to choose the best deal. There are many factors that go into an insurance quote and one carrier will likely have a different quote amount than another carrier.

    Licensed Agents

    Independent insurance agents are licensed and they are there to help you. If you have a claim, they will help. If you don’t know anything about insurance – they will help. They are there to be your primary contact for anything related to your insurance. They have plenty of experience in the field to be able to recommend product and coverage options to best protect you.

    Great Customer Experience

    Independent agents are committed to you rather than a carrier. They’re focused on creating a relationship with you so that you stick with them for all of your insurance needs.

    Independent insurance agents are a great choice to help you get an insurance deal while also being your point of contact for any insurance related questions.

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