Independent Agents in Texas Doing Great Work

texas state capitol building located in austin, texas, usa.

It’s not hard to find independent insurance agents going above and beyond for their customers and their communities. We’ve spotlighted a few agents before for their community involvement, but this time we want to zero in on the Lone Star State, which is Superior Access’ home. Every single agent on the list below has been noted for their success in their field. Some have been honored by the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas. Others are recipients of the Young Agent of the Year Award. And still others have been widely noted for their creativity and innovation. Beyond that, each of these 18 agents is known fo ...

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  • Millennials Are All Old Enough to Vote — Here’s What They Want From Insurance Agents


    Millennials are less likely than any other generation to engage with insurance companies, and it isn’t because of their age. Even though all millennials are bonafide adults now, the generation isn’t getting what they want from their insurance providers. Rather than spend time complaining about millennials or claiming that they are “killing” another industry, the insurance sector needs to evolve to meet changing needs. After all, millennials will outnumber boomers by 2019, Pew researcher Richard Fry reports. Independent agents who want to keep pace need to ...

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  • 4 Keys to Setting Ambitious, Achievable Sales Goals

    You can’t reach a goal if you never set one. But for an independent insurance agent, figuring out how to set the right sales goals can feel daunting. Entrepreneur R.L. Adams says people avoid setting goals for two reasons: 1) It’s work. 2) Once you set a goal, you now have the potential to fail. The thing is there’s no fail-proof goal. Risking failure is part and parcel of doing anything worthwhile. Fortunately, though, there are four strategies that independent agents can use to make failure much less likely when setting sales goals. 1. Work Backward ...

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  • Community Leaders: These Agents’ Charity Work Inspires Us

    Insurance agents help people protect the things that matter most, but that's only part of the story. Many independent agents desire to impact their communities in a more substantial way —  by volunteering with a charity, raising money for a fundraiser, or getting involved with a local organization, just to name a few. And in doing so, they've found a way to organically earn customer loyalty by taking small steps to support lasting change. Here are 21 independent insurance agents and agencies changing the face of their communities, one good deed at a time.  

    Andrew Bazemore — Columbus, Ohio

    Andrew and his brother Jordan own ...

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  • Better Cold Calls: 5 Tips For Independent Insurance Agents

    smiling customer service representative at work

    Even though a professional salesperson knows not to take rejection from potential customers personally, it still stings a little each time it happens. Worse, when you experience a string of rejections in a row, without any successes, it can leave you feeling a little deflated and unmotivated. If you’re finding yourself in such a rut, it might be time to hone your skills and try some new strategies that’ll boost your confidence. The good news is anyone can improve their cold calling skills. When you do improve these skills, the success you enjoy will bolster your confidence and create a virtuous cycle of sales momentum. Here are five strategies and skills that'll help you get bet ...

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  • Superior Access Releases New Membership Service to Help Independent Agents Seize and Retain Market Share

    Austin, TX (March 22, 2018) - Superior Access (, the nation’s leading online insurance market access provider, announced the unveiling of its new All Access membership service. The news is groundbreaking for the nation’s independent insurance agent community, as the new service delivers contemporary functionality to improve agents’ competitiveness in the digital age and fast access to a variety of personal and commercial insurance products. “Consumers expect to expeditiously purchase insurance policies covering an expanding and evolving set of requirements,” said Tom Hammond, president of U.S. operations, BOLT. “The All Access plan opens ...

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