Targeted Insurance Coverage Crucial to Protect Against Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are nothing new. They’ve been recorded for thousands of years.

But they’ve become a growing issue in recent times, says reporter Kurtis Alexander. Both the frequency and intensity of natural disasters have increased, and many scientists believe a warming climate will only lead to more extreme weather in the future. This inevitably means there will be more damage to homes, vehicles and commercial properties.

How Independent Agents Can Combat Rising Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is an ongoing issue. It’s something insurers have been contending with for literally hundreds of years.  

Ever since the inception of insurance policies in the 18th century, people have searched for ways to exploit the system, explains P&C insurance expert, Hannah Smith. The Insurance Information Institute reports that fraud a ...

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  • 10 LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts for Independent Insurance Agents

    LinkedIn is the premier professional networking platform. It had 590 million total users as of late 2018, reports digital marketing agency Omnicore. Of those, 260 million were active monthly users.

    With such a strong user base, LinkedIn provides independent agents an opportunity to form key connections, generate leads and ignite business growth. But in order to do so, it’s essential to understand how this platform works and strategies for harnessing its power.

    Amazon Insurance: How Independent Agents Can Stay Competitive

    Amazon is one of the world’s biggest companies. Annual revenue for the digital giant reached nearly $233 billion in 2018, reports Macrotrends — more than a 30-percent increase from 2017. Not only is it huge, it’s also growing at an extremely rapid rate.

    The world’s largest online retailer seems to have a hand in nearly everything these days. It’s already disrupted everything from music streaming and TV to grocery delivery and meal prep, says journalist ...

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  • 10 Low Tech Tips for Building Better Relationships with Customers

    Email, text, apps, messengers, and social media are all great ways for independent agents to communicate with customers. In fact, digital channels are actually the preferred means of communication for 27 percent of customers, says Colm Hebblethwaite at Marketing Tech News.

    But there are limitations. For independent agents especially, a crucial aspect of building customer relationships is putting in meaningful time in real life. Coupled with that, there’s a ...

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  • The Best Independent Insurance Agent Websites Answer These 6 Questions

    More people than ever go online for insurance. It’s a convenient way to learn about policies, compare pricing and see which options best fit their needs. In fact, 74 percent of insurance shoppers research information online and get quotes from insurer websites, explains the market research team at J.D. Power. As an independent agent, it’s vital that you understand what customers expect from your website in order that you provide the optimal user experience. You want a potential customer’s journey to be as smooth and seamless as possible. Effective we ...

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