Independent Insurance Agents and Realtors: Tips for Successful Networking

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Relationships are crucial to the success of an independent agent. The more people you know and the better rapport you have with them, the easier it is to generate leads and build up your customer base. That’s why networking is essential — especially when those connections create professional overlaps. A particularly valuable connection is one between an independent agent and a real estate agent. These are two key people in a customer’s home ownership journey, so it makes sense for there to be some familiarity between these professionals. In the best cases, the insurance agent and realtor support each other and refer customers to one another.  

Why Realtors Make ...

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  • Market Research for Independent Agents: 16 Tips for Success

    market researchers working on a project

    Successful companies don’t happen by chance. There’s a lot of planning and preparation that goes in, where business owners gain a clear understanding of key opportunities and challenges. And this is certainly true for independent agents. Those that rise to the top usually perform extensive market research for an all-encompassing vantage point before entering a new market. In fact, market research supplies you with the critical information needed to thrive in the insurance industry, according to BizzBee Solutions. It helps you better understand your ...

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  • Top 5 Insurance Trends in 2019 that Independent Agents Need to Know

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    We live in a dynamic, rapidly changing world. In the past 20 years alone, progress and innovation have dramatically transformed nearly every aspect of our lives, reporter Mark Abadi at Business Insider writes. Advancing technology and scientific breakthroughs are just a couple of examples. Other changes, such as global warming and enormous population shifts, are also impacting us all. It’s the job of independent agents to keep up. Staying abreast of what’s happening is what enables you to provide your customers with the coverage they need. Here are five ...

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  • New Year, New Opportunities: 2019 Trends for Independent Insurance Agents

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    The New Year can bring about noticeable changes in consumer behavior across industries, including the insurance world. Many people want to improve their lives by making New Year’s resolutions, writes the team at Heritage Insurance. Some of these improvements include enhancing their quality of life and protecting key investments. The good thing for independent agents is that many of their customers’ concerns are predictable. Knowing which are most common should help you meet your customers’ needs and capitalize on opportunities. Here are some 2019 trends that should be on your radar at th ...

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  • Busted: The Top 6 Insurance Myths Explained

    couple meeting with financial advisor in office

    Insurance is complicated; time and attention-spans are short. The insurance industry is a juggernaut, with nationwide net premiums of $1.2 trillion in 2017, according to the Insurance Information Institute. There are many types of coverage, including property and casualty, life, health, automobile, property, business and liability each with their own components and all with terminology that never makes for light reading. It’s understandable, then, that there’s some level of confusion among many of your customers. And this has led to certain myths and misunderstandings persisting. As ...

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  • Climate Change and Insurance: What Independent Agents Should Know

    Car parking on the street and show level of water flooding in Bangkok

    Climate change isn’t just about the world getting warmer — it’s about the increase of adverse weather patterns across the globe. Intensifying hurricanes, rising sea levels and damaging wildfires are just a few events which can be attributed to climate change. Since different aspects of the changing climate pose different, specific threats to people and businesses, they all require a unique insurance approach. Here’s how independent agents across markets and geographies can understand their client base and create the right policy solutions.  

    Understanding Climate Change

    First and foremost, independent agents must understand the impact of chang ...

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