Can Life Changes Help Consumers Save on Auto Insurance?

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  • Many consumers across the country have likely had to face higher monthly costs for their auto insurance coverage over the last few years, and that has left a large number on the lookout for ways to save, even if they generally like their current insurers. What they may not know about, however, is the fact that they can often save money just for going through certain major life events, and those who seek out such discounts will likely be far more satisfied with their coverage. For this reason, agents should try to regularly check in with clients to see if anything about their lives has changed in a way that could allow them to qualify for such savings.

    There are a number of simple life events that can lead to discounts on auto insurance that many consumers may not consider, according to a report from the Huffington Post. For instance, couples who recently got married might be able to reduce their household insurance costs by simply combining their coverage, and also trying to bring other types of plans over to the same providers as well. This kind of discount is often sizable when taken altogether. Similarly, when young families invest in safer cars, they can likewise reduce their premiums considerably.

    What else can help?
    Finally, parents whose kids are old enough to drive but plan on going off to college without their cars might want to keep in mind that if they take that youngster off their policies, they might be able to save as much as 10 or 20 percent on their monthly costs, the report said. Teens are, of course, expensive to insure, but if they’re only going to be driving during breaks in the school year, then they pose notably less risk. That savings will then be passed on to parents in significant ways.

    Of course, not all consumers are likely to be able to qualify for some discounts, and as such, there might be other things that agents can do to make them more likely to be satisfied with their plans. For instance, it’s important to note that polls generally show consumers actually prefer to receive high-quality customer service when given the choice between that and middling discounts. The more that can be done to build a strong, ongoing relationship with customers, the better off agents are likely to be in terms of retention and recommendations.