How Independent Agents Can Create Value for Customers With an Upsell or Cross-Sell

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The beauty of the independent agent business model is it lets the agent be completely customer-centric. Not bound to a specific insurance carrier, an independent agent can focus on selling the best products to their customers. By focusing on your customers’ wants and needs, you will find it easier to build strong relationships with them. These relationships then create the perfect conditions for growing your business because they create so many opportunities to upsell and cross-sell products.  

Upselling and Cross-Selling Are Key to Agency Growth

It’s easier to sell to someone who has already committed to making a purchase. That sounds like common s ...

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  • How Can AI and Automation Help Independent Agents Right Now?


    There are concerns that today's artificial intelligence technology could replace tomorrow's independent agents. As AI development continues, it’s possible that some parts of an insurance agent's job could be automated and done more efficiently by machine. Russ Alan Prince writes at Forbes that tasks such as facilitating underwriting and monitoring policies could be done by an artificially intelligent agent, for example.   However, these developments don’t necessarily paint a dystopian ...

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  • How a Managing General Agent Business Model Works


    An independent insurance agent has many reasons to work with a managing general agent, or MGA. From the requirement of expertise to the availability of a particular product or the competitive price, MGAs provide a variety of services and competitive advantages to independent agents. In fact, Insurance Journal argues there are at least 50 possible reasons for partnering up with an MGA. To get a better understanding of how the managing general agency business model works, and how to benefit from working with an MGA, let's first look at what precisely a managing gener ...

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  • 3 Steps to Hiring Great Agents in Small Towns


    In a big city, posting a job opening online might attract hundreds of applicants. In a small town, the same typically isn’t true. Applicant pools are smaller in small markets, and you might be lucky to find a few dozen qualified candidates. How can an ambitious independent agent in a small town grow their team, then? It’s not impossible. In fact, finding top talent, connecting with those candidates and retaining those employees can be broken down into a three-step process that any independent agent in any market can follow.  

    Step 1: Focus on Each Candidate’s Potential

    When recruiting from a smaller pool of applicants, you must prioritize so ...

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  • Independent Agents in Texas Doing Great Work

    texas state capitol building located in austin, texas, usa.

    It’s not hard to find independent insurance agents going above and beyond for their customers and their communities. We’ve spotlighted a few agents before for their community involvement, but this time we want to zero in on the Lone Star State, which is Superior Access’ home. Every single agent on the list below has been noted for their success in their field. Some have been honored by the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas. Others are recipients of the Young Agent of the Year Award. And still others have been widely noted for their creativity and innovation. Beyond that, each of these 18 agents is known fo ...

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  • Millennials Are All Old Enough to Vote — Here’s What They Want From Insurance Agents


    Millennials are less likely than any other generation to engage with insurance companies, and it isn’t because of their age. Even though all millennials are bonafide adults now, the generation isn’t getting what they want from their insurance providers. Rather than spend time complaining about millennials or claiming that they are “killing” another industry, the insurance sector needs to evolve to meet changing needs. After all, millennials will outnumber boomers by 2019, Pew researcher Richard Fry reports. Independent agents who want to keep pace need to ...

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