Independent Agents Need to Get Mobile Friendly: Here’s How


As an independent insurance agent, you’re probably aware of just how widespread mobile usage has become. Case in point: Eric Enge explains at Stone Temple that 63 percent of all Internet traffic came from mobile devices in 2017 — up 6 percent from just 2016. Being mobile friendly and effectively engaging your customers at the mobile level is essential. And we’re not just talking about younger generations like Millennials and Gen Zers. ...

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  • Independent Agents: How to Leverage Online Reviews to Grow Your Business

    businessman drawing five star rating,concept of quality and luxury

    Having a positive reputation is a must for independent insurance agents. It’s your ticket to generating new leads, building trust and ultimately landing more customers. One of the top ways to earn a positive reputation these days is through online reviews. The RevLocal team reports that 92 percent of consumers read online reviews when searching for a local business. What’s more, two-thirds of consumers form an opinion about a business after reading only a ...

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  • Learning a New Tech Tool: 6 Tips for Independent Agents


    The cloud. Customer relationship management (CRM) software. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies. This is the language of modern business technology. And as the world becomes increasingly digitized, these and other technologies are something that most small business owners will need to be familiar and comfortable with. Michael Lazar at Insight sheds light on the state of small business technology in America: This was a $686 billion industry in 2017, up more than 20 percent from the beginning of the decade. ...

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  • How to Brand Your Agency in a Crowded Digital Marketplace


    Independent insurance agents are fighting two battles simultaneously for new business — a flooded insurance marketplace and a crowded digital marketplace. Just how crowded? The Bureau of Labor and Statistics in May 2017 cited 287,250 as the number of “insurance agencies, brokerages and other insurance related activities” in the United States. On the other side of the equation, Eric Gordon, marke ...

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  • Tips for Pitching Rental Insurance to Young Buyers


    There has been a dramatic decline in homeownership over the past decade-plus. Bob Sullivan writes at USA Today that renting homes has overtaken the housing market, and people are becoming more and more reluctant to take on a mortgage. The younger generation in particular is hesitant to take the plunge. Akin Oyedele explains at B ...

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  • Generation Z and Insurance: How Agents Can Engage These First-Time Customers


    Born between the late-90s and now, Generation Z is coming of age. In fact, some have reached adulthood at this point. With adulthood comes certain responsibilities, of course: Many members of Gen Z own cars and have auto insurance obligations. Some have started their first businesses and might be interested in commercial lines of insurance. Renter’s insurance and homeowners insurance will be a growing need among these younger buyers. For all the ink spilled on millennials, the younger Generation Z might present a tougher challenge for the insurance industry. Here, we have an entire cohort that grew up online and are ...

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