How Part-Time Insurance Agents Can Use Digital Platforms to Succeed and Scale

Many American jobs are changing with the gig economy, and in our industry there is a growing trend of part-time insurance agents. This offers several perks, says Lauren Hayden at Agent Survival Guide, including added flexibility and the ability to work around other commitments. But it also puts obvious constraints on your ability to help customers.  One way to rise above these challenges and continually deliver a high level of s ...

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  • How to Help Your Rental Insurance Customers Make the Transition to Home Ownership

    First-time home buying is a huge step. While many still consider home ownership to be the American Dream, the process itself can be complicated, confusing and even a little overwhelming. In fact, some 40 percent of Americans say it’s “the most stressful event in modern life”, writes Kelsey Ramirez at HousingWire Magazine. One-third admit to shedding tears at some point. That’s why the first-time home buying process is one that anyone would be ...

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  • Paid Digital Advertising Basics for Independent Insurance Agents

    2019 marked the official tipping point where paid digital advertising eclipsed traditional offline ad spending.  Market research company eMarketer predicted that by the end of 2019, U.S. digital ad spending would reach $129.34 billion, for 54.2 percent of total ad spending. And by 2023, digital is forecast to account for over two-thirds of total ad spending. A growing number of independent agents are recognizing the po ...

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  • How To Generate Car Dealership Referrals For Your Agency

    When it comes to generating high quality leads, it doesn’t get much better than referrals for independent agents. The inherent trust and interest level linked to word-of-mouth makes referrals extremely valuable.  In fact, referrals convert 30 percent better than leads from other marketing channels and have a 16 percent higher lifetime value, according to Lisa Ross at website conversion optimization intelligence provider Invesp.  One specific type ...

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  • Home Business Insurance: Dog Sitters, Massage Therapists, Hair Stylists

    Home businesses have become increasingly common in recent years. The low overhead costs combined with the flexibility that allows for a work-life balance make it a popular route for many entrepreneurs. According to small business loan comparison site Fundera, there were approximately 15 million home-based businesses in the US in 2019, accounting for roughly half of all businesses. While operating out of one’s home may not come with the same amount of liabilities as running a large company, ther ...

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  • How Insurance Agents Can Rely on Referrals From Financial Advisors

    We’ve already established that referrals are integral to the success of independent agents. Referrals from local banks, builders and interior designers are just a few examples we’ve discussed in the past.  But another relationship that can be mutually beneficial is one with financial advisors. When agents network with financial advisors to tag-team a customer, they can both offer comprehensive p ...

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