How Insurance Agents Can Rely on Referrals From Financial Advisors

We’ve already established that referrals are integral to the success of independent agents. Referrals from local banks, builders and interior designers are just a few examples we’ve discussed in the past.  But another relationship that can be mutually beneficial is one with financial advisors. When agents network with financial advisors to tag-team a customer, they can both offer comprehensive p ...

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  • Growing Your Insurance Agency: When to Outsource Marketing for Your Business

    If you're an independent insurance agent, creating awareness and generating leads is the lifeblood of your business. While necessary, it's no easy feat and can be extremely time-consuming. Even so, bringing in outside marketing help can seem daunting. It's hard to know when and where to start. In this post, we'll help you understand if it's time to consider outsource marketing, what tasks to outsource and how to make your strategy effective.   Signs That It's Time to Invest in Marketing First, let's go over ...

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  • How Independent Agents Can Talk to Customers About Natural Disaster Insurance

    After natural disasters, you’ll often see in the news a statistic that something like two percent of people in the affected area actually had homeowners insurance related to earthquake, hurricane or flood damage. How can independent agents nudge their customers toward considering natural disaster insurance coverage? It’s a hard sell because most of us are guilty of “it won’t happen to me” rationalizations, but of course, insurance is for those times when it does happen. Here’s how to initiate crisis coverage discussions and encourage customers to consider buying relevant insurance so they can recover fr ...

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  • Don’t Forget About the Baby Boomers: 4 Conversations Insurance Agents Should Be Having

    Millennials officially surpassed baby boomers in population in 2019. But seniors still account for a large percentage of the overall population.  In fact, recent census estimates predict there will be 72 million baby boomers in America in 2019 versus 73 million millennials, according to Richard Fry, senior research associate at Pew Research Center. This means the boomer demographic is one that independent agents still need to pay attention to. ...

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  • Working Remotely: Is it a Realistic Move for Independent Agents?

    Most people assume independent agents have their own offices somewhere off Main Street. But do they really need those dedicated offices or would it be better to work at home or use a coworking space? Those options would save a lot in overhead costs.  What about location? Do agents have to be physically located in the communities they serve? How much of this work can be done remotely? Let’s dive in.   Remote Working is on the Rise ...

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  • 7 Key Metrics for Independent Agents to Track Agency Growth

    Success is a largely subjective term and can mean different things to different insurance agents. That’s why it’s important to examine some key performance indicators to see how you’re doing and ensure your results align with your objectives. Here are seven specific metrics for the insurance industry that should provide you with all of the insights you need.   1. Number of New Policies  Your ability to sell new policies is one of the top indicat ...

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