Understanding Business Insurance for Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers

Personal fitness is a major priority for a growing number of Americans. Millennials in particular are passionate about staying fit and are willing to spend big money on it. According to reporter Jeanette Settembre, Americans spend $155 per month on health and fitness, with at least $33 of it going to gym memberships and $14 to training.  But for fitness instructors and personal trainers to stay profitable and thrive, they must protect themselves from ...

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  • Your Growing Insurance Agency: When Is It Time to Hire Another Agent?

    Growth is a key objective for business. It’s only natural to want to expand your independent insurance agency, acquire new customers and increase revenue.  While there’s a lot you can do on your own, there will inevitably come a time where you reach your limit and growing pains arise because of a lack of personnel. And this leads to one fundamental question: When is the moment to think about hiring? Onboarding is something that happens when your book of business is full, but there are other motivating factors as well. Here are some indicators that it’s ...

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  • Data Breach Insurance: How Independent Agents Can Help Small Business Customers

    Data breaches are a growing concern for today’s businesses. While large companies are often the ones that make headlines when they’re breached, small businesses are just as susceptible.  To combat this problem, business owners can take out insurance for the customer data they store, and this could be an incredibly valuable line of coverage because small business data security practices aren’t always the best. Independent agents, then, are in an interesting position where they can advise business customers on ways to protect company data — even ...

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  • 10 Top-of-Funnel Marketing Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

    Reaching the right prospects at the right time using the right strategies is a must for successful insurance marketing. And this inevitably begins with top-of-funnel marketing — a stage that revolves around connecting with an audience and building general awareness. This is where a potential customer is just starting to do research about insurance products, determining what their exact needs are and figuring out what type of coverage they’re looking for, says Justas Markus, CEO and cofounder of search ...

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  • How To Sell Value When Insurance Customers Are Focused on Price

    Getting insurance customers to see beyond price and understand the true value of a policy is a major pain point for independent agents. Customers often see insurance as an obligation, so they go shopping for the lowest price and opt for the bare minimum. Geico and Progressive both sell that message, but a bargain policy might not really suit your customer’s needs. So, how do you get someone whose instinct is to price shop and buy cheap rethink their shopping habits? ...

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  • Getting the Most From Nextdoor: 10 Tips for Insurance Agents

    Private social networks like Nextdoor may be notorious as gossip boards. But by creating an efficient digital communication channel, they also create value by bringing neighbors together in a way that wouldn’t otherwise happen. These conversations can help an independent agent learn about the neighborhoods they serve, understand the concerns of current and potential customers and possibly provide an entry point to weigh in with advice. Here are 10 tips for using Nextdoor as a powerfu ...

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