Getting the Most From Nextdoor: 10 Tips for Insurance Agents

Private social networks like Nextdoor may be notorious as gossip boards. But by creating an efficient digital communication channel, they also create value by bringing neighbors together in a way that wouldn’t otherwise happen. These conversations can help an independent agent learn about the neighborhoods they serve, understand the concerns of current and potential customers and possibly provide an entry point to weigh in with advice. Here are 10 tips for using Nextdoor as a powerfu ...

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  • How To Turn Customer Feedback Into Marketing Opportunities

    Soliciting customer feedback offers many benefits for independent agents. It helps you fix processes that are broken, show customers you have a willingness to learn, build supportive relationships and gain new insights into the communities you serve.  Here are some specific ways to solicit that feedback and translate it into practical steps you can take to better market your business. Ask Customers Directly  ...

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  • Covered or Not: 10 Reasons You May (Or May Not) Need Extra Insurance

    Insurance companies make their money insuring things that are unlikely to be damaged or lost in a catastrophic accident. That’s how they stay profitable. In order to do that, they often end up insuring some strange or unusual property and items under general homeowners insurance policies, while requiring riders or custom policies for things most people would automatically assume were covered. Here are 10 objects or circumstances you may want to double-check to make sure your customers have just the right coverage. 5 Item ...

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  • 9 Tips For Connecting with Local Neighborhood Associations

    Neighborhood associations can be valuable resources for independent agents because all of the associations’ members are potential customers. There are homeowners, drivers, hobbyists, boat owners and families with kids approaching driving age, just to name a few. A lot of communication and community building takes place within neighborhood associations, including picnics, holiday parties and other special events, according to the City of Vancouver, Washi ...

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  • The Value of a Handshake: Real Life vs. Digital Marketing for Independent Agents

    When investing time, money and resources into your insurance agency, you want to know they’re not going to waste. You want to maximize your return on investment and generate the highest possible volume of qualified leads.  One of the biggest dilemmas for independent agents is whether to invest in real life or digital marketing tools. Both have their pros and cons, but which is most likely to get legitimate results? In this post, we’ll see whether there’s any conclusive evidence about whether ...

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  • Data Security: Is Your Insurance Agency Safe from Cyber Attack?

    Technology is a double-edged sword for independent agents. On one hand, it’s created immense opportunities and helps make things more efficient, while meeting customers’ needs. But on the other hand, it creates some major security concerns. Over 6.1 million data records are lost or stolen every single day, according to the Breach Level Index. That’s 71 records per second.  Here’s what you need to know in order to combat cyber crime and prot ...

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