The Best Independent Insurance Agent Websites Answer These 6 Questions

More people than ever go online for insurance. It’s a convenient way to learn about policies, compare pricing and see which options best fit their needs. In fact, 74 percent of insurance shoppers research information online and get quotes from insurer websites, explains the market research team at J.D. Power. As an independent agent, it’s vital that you understand what customers expect from your website in order that you provide the optimal user experience. You want a potential customer’s journey to be as smooth and seamless as possible. Effective we ...

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  • Facebook Marketing Do’s and Don’ts: 8 Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

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    Social networks come and go, except Facebook. Even with all its controversies, it remains the biggest and most popular social network in the world. Of its more than 2.27 billion active users worldwide in 2018, 1.49 billion logged in daily, writes the team at Zephoria Digital Marketing. This makes Facebook a potential goldmine for independent agents. It’s perfect for generating leads, as well as for building long-term trust with customers. For your efforts to be successful, however, you must be aware of some Facebook do’s and don’ts.  

    Facebook Do’s


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  • How Insurtech Can Help You Become a Better Independent Agent

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    The age of digital disruption is here. And while many people fear it, disruption is not necessarily a bad thing. Insurtech, which has grown rapidly, can in fact be a major asset for independent agents. The first phase of insurtech simplified the buying and selling of insurance to improve customer experiences, explains Wells Media Group’s Andy Simpson. Now the second phase is here where advanced technology and data are helping to increase productivity, streamline time-consuming tasks and further improve the customer experience. B ...

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  • How Independent Insurance Agents Can Cultivate Meaningful Customer Relationships

    There’s certainly no lack of insurance providers these days. The Statista team explains that there were roughly 1.1 million insurance agents, brokers and service employees in the US as of 2016 — a number that’s likely to continue to grow. And it’s never been easier to buy coverage. With just a few clicks, someone can find virtually any type of insurance they want, buy it and be on their way. This means that independent agents need to have a rock solid value proposition. With so many brands vying for customers’ attention, it’s critical to deliv ...

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  • Independent Insurance Agents and Realtors: Tips for Successful Networking

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    Relationships are crucial to the success of an independent agent. The more people you know and the better rapport you have with them, the easier it is to generate leads and build up your customer base. That’s why networking is essential — especially when those connections create professional overlaps. A particularly valuable connection is one between an independent agent and a real estate agent. These are two key people in a customer’s home ownership journey, so it makes sense for there to be some familiarity between these professionals. In the best cases, the insurance agent and realtor support each other and refer customers to one another.  

    Why Realtors Make ...

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  • Market Research for Independent Agents: 16 Tips for Success

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    Successful companies don’t happen by chance. There’s a lot of planning and preparation that goes in, where business owners gain a clear understanding of key opportunities and challenges. And this is certainly true for independent agents. Those that rise to the top usually perform extensive market research for an all-encompassing vantage point before entering a new market. In fact, market research supplies you with the critical information needed to thrive in the insurance industry, according to BizzBee Solutions. It helps you better understand your ...

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