Independent Agents: Become an Insurance Specialist or an Insurance Generalist?

One of the questions independent agents often struggle with is whether they should focus on certain lines of business insurance or stick to being generalists.  In some communities, you’ll find insurance agents who specialize in business insurance for construction companies or for fishing companies, for example. They tailor their coverage to the unique needs of business owners in their area and customize their offerings accordingly.  So how can an agent know whether specializing like that is a good positioning move or not? ...

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  • 5 Ways Independent Agents Can Reduce Employee Turnover

    High employee turnover hurts your business in many ways. It can lead to low morale in the workplace and affects both productivity and customer service. The process of hiring and training new staff costs in both time and money. In this post, we’ll look at what the main drivers of staff turnover are, then discuss five tips for how to address this problem in your own office. The Cost of High Employee Churn While turnover is inevitable in any business, you’re los ...

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  • 24/7 Independent Agents: How Chatbots Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Chatbots have picked up plenty of steam in recent years. Currently used by at least 67 percent of consumers worldwide, it’s predicted that 85 percent of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020, writes Ayat Shukairy, cofounder of conversion rate optimization consulting firm Invesp. The overall reception has been quite positive. Founder and CMO of chatbot company Ubisend, ...

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  • 10 Things Independent Agents Need to Know About Car Sharing Insurance

    The sharing economy, which involves the peer-to-peer based sharing of goods and services, is thriving. And it’s a concept that more and more people are now comfortable using.  There were 44.8 million US sharing economy users in 2016, and that number is expected to grow to 86.5 million by 2021, according to Statista. While this emerging new market looks promising, it has created some major insurance concerns — something that presents an opportunity for independent agents.  ...

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  • Human Touch: Why Customers Turn to Independent Agents in a Digital World

    happy senior couple shaking hands with retirement consultant. smiling senior man shaking hands with young businessman for business agreement. handshake between senior man and financial agent after obtaining a loan.

    A major concern for independent agents is the fear they will be made obsolete by technology. If customers can buy policies at the point of car purchase or home purchase, for example, what’s the agent’s role? If insurance consumers can do a thorough price comparison on their phone, why would they go to an independent agent? This is a valid concern. A study by insurance ratings and review site Clearsurance found that nearly half o ...

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  • Summertime Neighborhood Networking for Independent Agents

    Middle aged and senior neighbours talking at a block party

    The common denominator between successful independent agents is the relationships they have with their customers. It’s hard to stress enough the importance of being plugged into the community and building those relationships. After all, this is what allows agents to consistently generate quality leads and establish a loyal customer base. A big part of forming these relationships is engaging in in-person outreach. And let’s face it, this is so much easier to do when the weather is good, making the summer and fall months a prime time ...

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