Get to Know the Pet Insurance Buyer: Demographics and Motivations

man and kitten

Americans love their pets. For many people, they’re part of the family. And pet ownership has increased considerably over the past 30 years. The American Pet Product Association reports that as of 2018, 68 percent of US households (84.6 million homes) have a pet — up from 56 percent in 1988. So it comes as no surprise that pet insurance is something that more and more consumers are interested in purchasing. The Insurance Information Institute states that pet health insurance experienced record gr ...

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  • Independent Insurance Agent Blog: How Blogging Can Drive Leads


    Having an effective means of lead generation is integral to an independent agent’s success. This is what puts you on a prospect’s radar and initiates their journey through the sales funnel. Lead generation can come in many forms. But one of the best techniques pound-for-pound is blogging.   In fact, marketers who blog get 67 percent more leads than those who don’t, digital strategist Olivia Allen writes. And unlike sales people, a blog works for y ...

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  • How Independent Insurance Agents Can Build a Strong Personal Brand (Digitally and Offline)


    Independent agents face some stiff competition. The Statista team reports that there were nearly 1.1 million agents, brokers and service employees in the US alone in 2016. And that number will only continue to grow. One of the best ways to stand out in a competitive market is to create a strong personal brand. Without it, you’re more like white noise to your average customer, and they’ll simply tune you out, Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of internet marketing company AudienceBloom expl ...

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  • Reheating Leads: How to Turn Cold Leads into Hot Ones

    attractive business woman talking on the phone in office

    Converting the maximum amount of leads into customers is absolutely crucial for independent agents. The HubSpot team even reports that this is the number one priority for 69 percent of companies over the next 12 months. Of course this is often something that’s easier said than done. The Ascend2 team explains that nearly half (49 percent) of busi ...

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  • Successful Facebook Marketing for Independent Insurance Agents

    smiling woman

    The vast majority of small businesses are now on Facebook. A 2017 study by eMarketer places this number at 80 percent — nearly 30 percent higher than the next social network of choice, Twitter. And it’s easy to see why: There were over 2.23 billion Facebook users in the second quarter of 2018, the team at Statista writes. So the sheer size makes it an appealing resource for small, local businesses, including ...

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  • How to Maintain Positive Customer Relationships After the Sale

    group meeting

    There are many reasons why people choose independent agents over larger providers. But one of the biggest is the one-on-one attention they receive. As the Western National Insurance team puts it: “An independent insurance agent is a real person—not just a computer or a generic company contact—who knows the customer, who takes time to learn about their insurance situation, and who is readily available to help out.” With agency success largely contingent on long-term customer relationships, ...

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