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Beyond Fundamentals: How to Scale Your Independent Insurance Agency

In our six-part series on becoming an independent insurance agent, we’ve discussed the ins and outs of establishing yourself in the industry. We’ve covered topics like securing initial financing, understanding your tax obligations and how to build your book of business. For the final piece of this series, we’ll summarize the key points from the first five posts and provide a snapshot on how to scale your independent insurance agency. So by the end, you can go from having an abstract idea for starting an insurance agency to having an actual thriving business.     ...

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  • Tips for Increasing Your Agency Visibility on Social Media

    social media for insurance agents

    Social media is great marketing tool, but there are so many platforms it can be difficult to know which social media site will be most effective at engaging future and current customers. Most small businesses, such as independent insurance agencies, agree that social media is an important marketing tool, but don’t know if their efforts are effective. Understanding the basics can help you get started with a solid social marketing strategy that increases your agency visibility. According to marketing agencies active in the social media space, investing in social marketing improves traction at a much lower cost than more traditional forms of advertising. ...

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  • Value Selling – Sell on Value

    value selling

    Sell on Value, Not Price It’s no secret to most P&C insurance agents that many consumers select their insurance agent based on price. In fact, 50% say their loyalty to their current insurer is dependent on the cost of the coverage they are providing. [i] That means that every renewal, half of your customers are shopping around for new coverage, ready to switch, even if it means saving only a few hundred dollars. Competing in a market where consumers see price as the biggest differentiator between competitors requires agents to understand what their service is worth and how to turn it into a competitive advantage that helps ...

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  • 6 Ways Independent Agents Can Put Their Customers First

    Insurance Agents

    Companies with best-in-class customer experience management realize 359% greater revenue growth than other companies.[i] As an independent insurance agent, it’s your job to put your customer’s needs at the heart of your business, but what does customer first mean and how can you achieve it? These six tips will help you quickly ramp up to better meet the needs of .   Provide Easy Access to Your Services   One of the first things customers look for when purchasing anything is an easy shopping experience. In fact, 64% of consumers are willing to pay more for simpler interactions, ...

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  • Starting a Small Business | Superior Access

    how to start a small business

    10 Steps to Starting a Small Business Small businesses are the backbone of most communities. The Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates that there are 28 million small businesses in the United States, accounting for over 99 percent of all U.S. businesses. It isn’t easy to position your business for success. The SBA reports that only two-thirds of small businesses with employees survive at least two years, while only half will survive five years. Being your own boss might be the American dream, but reaching that dream takes a lot of drive, motivation and knowledge. Starting a small business can be rewarding, but make sure you set the stage for success early on in ...

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  • Resolve to Make a Great Business Plan | Superior Access

    business planning

    Improving Your Business Plan for 2018 and Beyond Making New Year’s resolutions is a familiar part of life, but few agency directors consider applying this strategy to the improvement of their business planning. In fact, making a clear and specific business plan at any time of year can be a serious struggle to accomplish. Many agency directors and independent agents simply do not know how to make a business plan and so fail to maximize the various opportunities for excellence and growth that come along. This year, implement these strategies to begin planning for the upcoming year. You can make 2018 the most rewarding year you ...

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