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Building an Insurance Agency Business Plan | Superior Access

insurance agency business plan

Building an Insurance Agency Business Plan Any company, no matter what industry it is in, needs a comprehensive business plan. The reason this document is needed is that it basically serves as a roadmap for where you want your organization to go in the near and far future. Before your company even begins, you need to develop the insurance agency business plan in full to be prepared for practically anything. How Do You Build a Plan? It requires a lot of research to have an effective business plan. For starters, you want to creative realistic objectives. Determine where you want your insurance agency to be one year from now, two years from now and so on. I ...

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  • Learn How to Become an Insurance Agent | Superior Access

    how to become an insurance agent

    How Do I Become an Independent Insurance Agent?  If you have a strong desire to help people reach their goals and you want a career that puts you in charge of your own destiny, you may thrive in the insurance industry. Independent insurance agents have the ability to make lucrative commissions and provide valuable services to their customers. Here is what you need to know about how to become an insurance agent. Education Most careers require a specific sequence of courses, but insurance agents have more flexibility. In some cas ...

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  • Agency Management System Overview | Superior Access

    agency management system

    What Is an Agency Management System? Running a successful insurance agency means you’ll need to work as efficiently as possible. The top agencies rely on a comprehensive agency management system to help perfect their business model and push their company to the next level of success. Today’s clients expect more from their agents, and the digital world makes almost anything possible. Here are some ways how an insurance agency management system provided benefits to agents. Policy Details and Tasks At the heart of a top agency management system is its ability to perform tasks related to your clients’ insurance policies. In this type of software p ...

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  • The Trouble with AirBNB

    Air BNB

    The Trouble with Airbnb & How Agents Can Help Airbnb has grown from a small startup to the leading online home sharing website in just a few years. The concept of Airbnb is simple: you have an extra room in your house and want some additional money. You list your room or house on the website after Airbnb verifies you as the owner, and you can accept or deny people who request to stay with you. You set your own prices and dates. It seems simple, right? It can be, if you’re prepared for it. While guests must be verified through a license or other form of ID, and while the majority of reservations go smoothly, there can always be an incident. There have been cases of ...

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  • Common Mistakes Independent Insurance Agents Make

    Independant Insurance Agent Mistakes

    Mistakes happen to the best of us, but it’s what you learn from these mistakes that makes them worthwhile. But what if you don’t realize you’re making a mistake? Sometimes it’s easy to overlook something if it is routine to you. As an independent insurance agent, you may not even realize you’re making mistakes that are driving away customers. Here are a few common mistakes made by independent insurance agents.   Build Relationships with Your Customers Building relationships is one of the most important parts of selling insurance. Many insurance agents just want to cut to the sale, but taking the time for introductions can help build rapport. Building ...

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  • Millennials: Advantages of becoming an Independent Insurance Agent

    become an independent insurance agent

    Millennials are the most entrepreneurially focused generation, as more millennials are focused on starting their own business rather than working a standard 9 to 5 job. Many of them want the freedom to be their own boss and make their own hours, while being able to deliver satisfactory products that will help others live better. While many consider an entrepreneurial adventure to be creating a new and innovative product, there are often other options. One of those options is becoming an Independent Insurance Agent. Being an Independent Insurance Agent allows you to fulfill your entrepreneurial drive. You are your own boss and set your own style, a perk that many millennials are seeking. Y ...

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