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3 Sales Tactics for Independent Agents

Sales Tactics for Independent Agents

Having good sales and people skills will help you grow your business as an independent insurance agent. Here are 3 important sales tactics to increase your business: Listen to Your Customers Your customers know best what they are looking for, and your job is to get them the product that best suits their needs. The only way to know what your customer wants is to listen carefully and ask the right questions. You don’t want to waste both their time and yours by asking unnecessary questions. Customers will likely be focused on getting the cheapest insurance they can, but that might not be the best choice. Emphasize value over price to ensure that your customer is gett ...

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  • The Importance of Websites for Independent Insurance Agents

    The Importance of Websites for Independent Insurance Agents

    Last week, the Yellow Pages arrived at our home. I asked my nephew if he knew what Yellow Pages were, and he had no idea. We haven’t used a paper Yellow Pages in years. As the population that relied on paper Yellow Pages in their youth declines, paper Yellow Pages will disappear. Why? It’s that Interweb all those kids are using. The digital age has invented and reinvented exciting and revolutionary ways for small businesses to put their professional feet forward and compete with bigger businesses. And it all begins with a simple, yet compelling small business website and digital advertising. Superior Access conducted our quarterly needs survey to Independent Insurance Agents in March an ...

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  • Benefits of Going Through an Independent Insurance Agent

    Independant Insurance Agent

    When it comes time to renew your insurance, where do you go? Do you call your insurance company to try to get a better deal? Instead of going direct to your insurance company, you should give a call to an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents give you more options for carriers, products, price and insurance knowledge. More Carriers Instead of being bound to a direct insurance company, independent agents have access to multiple carriers. They aren’t working for an insurance company directly so they can give you multiple carriers to choose from with no influence from a direct company. Consumers like to have choices and an independent agent lets you ...

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  • 5 Tips to Start the New Year Off Right as an Independent Agent

    5 Tips to Start the New Year Off Right as an Independent Agent

    With a new year comes new goals – maybe your goal is to sell more insurance, gain more loyal clients, or improve your selling skills. Regardless of what you aspire to work on, we have 5 tips to help start off your new year right! Listen to Your Customers Let your customer do the talking so you can figure out exactly what insurance product they are looking for. The more your customer discusses their insurance needs with you, the more insight you have to choose the best insurance products for them. As your customer provides information, you can ask specific questions rather than general to help speed up the quote. Your customer will appreciate you listening to their co ...

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  • Why Customer Relationships Make All the Difference

    Business handshake

    Your customers are your most important asset as an independent insurance agent. They’re the ones who buy insurance from you, renew their insurance from you, and refer you to their friends. Customer relationships are what will make or break your insurance sales. No insurance agent likes an unhappy customer, and no unhappy customer is going to boost your business. Customer relationships are very important when you are working directly with the consumer. According to an American Express Survey, 78% of consumers have not made an intended purchase because of poor service1. A happy customer is going to purchase more insurance from you, and remember the experience when it becomes time ...

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  • Independent Insurance Agents and Digital Technology

    Business team consulting

    Let’s face it: digital technology is emerging and changing how we do just about everything. You can purchase just about any product online, get news from around the world at any time of day, and watch full length movies on your phone. The trend is emerging, and people are adapting to it. As an independent insurance agent, you should be aware of trends and how to best utilize them to reach your customers. Customers want instant gratification and they want options. What makes insurance any different? Online quotes make it easier than ever to shop around for the lowest price for the exact coverage needed. While the percentage of consumers shopping for auto insurance stayed the same at 46% ...

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