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How to Become A More Efficient Agent with SAIS

Things to clarify

Superior Effectiveness thru Superior Efficiency It's a no-brainer: Cross-selling insurance improves retentions, increases profits, and strengthens relationships by offering customers everything from Auto and Home to pet insurance. But while there are no statistics on how many independent agencies are actively cross-selling to their customers, many experts say they’re not doing it as often as they should—in spite of the fact that their survival in today's customer-driven environment may depend on it. According to the book Marketing Metrics, businesses have a 60 to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer while the probability of selling to a ...

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  • Minor upgrades can significantly improve home insurance coverage

    States trying to implement new auto insurance regulations

    Depending upon where people live, the amount of risk they may carry when it comes to their home insurance can vary widely. In addition to that concern is the fact that many Americans may not know exactly what their coverage entails as it's currently constituted. With this in mind, it might be wise for insurance agents to do a little more to encourage their clients to look into what their policies do and do not cover, and work with them to determine what they can do to improve the overall financial protection it provides them on an ongoing basis.One of the biggest issues that many Americans ...

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  • Are Homeowners Covered In Case of Mold?

    Massachusetts homeowners see rates spike after harsh winter

    Across the country, many Americans may go through life without a significant knowledge of the exclusions on their home insurance policies, and this can occasionally become problematic. While there are many types of incidents that may befall homeowners during the time in which they own these properties, most will probably be covered by standard plans. However, there might also be some serious discrepancies between what they expect will be covered, and what actually is. For this reason, insurance agents would likely do well to try explaining the ins and outs of policies to all their clients, on an ongoing basis, to make sure there are no unexpected gaps in coverage. One type of potentially ...

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  • Homeowners in High-Risk Areas Need to Review Insurance Policies

    Homeowners in High-Risk Areas Need to Review Insurance Policies

    Spring is in full swing, and while that may mean different things to different people, one thing it should universally mean for smart homeowners is a time for them to check in on their home insurance policies. In the spring and summer months, flooding, storms, and more can do significant damage to a property, and owners who aren't prepared in terms of having their policies up to date may end up paying for it many times over in the end. As such, insurance agents may want to take the next few weeks to contact their clients and talk to them about how their coverage needs might have changed, and what they can do about fully protecting themselves while keeping their plans affordable.Thi ...

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  • Homeowners Should Make Sure Insurance is Current

    Millions of Americans own their own homes and have insurance to cover many kinds of damage that can happen over the course of a few decades. However, at the same time, a large number of people may let their coverage lapse for one reason or another. As such, it might be wise for them to make sure they're up to date in this regard, so that they don't file a claim only to find that it cannot be covered by their insurer. Meanwhile, agents might want to go about the business of actually reminding their clients of this issue as well, to make sure they understand the risks and are able to deal with whatever problems may arise. The fact of the matter is that the spring is an ideal time for current ...

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  • Flood Season is Coming, and Insurance Agents Have to Be Ready

    With the spring finally here, many parts of the country may be about to get heavy rains and that, in turn, can mean flooding risk rises sharply. But the problems presented by these weather incidents go well beyond the physical damage they can inflict, because they could leave many homeowners across the country with major financial obligations that they might not have planned for. As a consequence, insurance agents may want to start doing a little more to ensure that their clients know the risks of not having flood insurance above and beyond their standard home policies, and some steps they can take to remediate those potential issues. Something that ...

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