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Consumers Worried About Dealing With Home Insurance Paperwork

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Over the past few years, many Americans have started to become a little more vocal about the concerns they might have regarding their home insurance policies. Price remains a major factor, of course - although one agents likely can't do much about - but among the other issues people face are understanding their policies, and the paperwork that accompanies their plans. For this reason, it might be important for agents to do just a little more to make sure people know how to deal with all that documentation as quickly and easily as possible, especially when they're trying to get a claim filed. ...

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  • Consumers Can Prepare for Upcoming Weather with Home Insurance Checkup

    When harsh weather conditions adversely affect a property, it can usually leave homeowners feeling confused, stressed, and unhappy. That's because many Americans may pay for their home insurance policies dutifully every month, but often don't do the homework necessary to fully understand these plans. Now that spring is here, it might be wise for insurance agents to urge consumers to take that extra time, so that they'll be prepared for anything that might happen to them that could lead to a claim in the coming months.   "Spring weather can lead to floodi ...

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  • Why do hybrid and electric vehicles cost more to insure?

    Every year, millions of drivers might want to try to find the most affordable auto insurance possible, and the reason why is obvious. However, a small subset of those bargain-seeking Americans is likely to find very little wiggle room in this regard, depending upon the types of cars they own, because it's often far more expensive for those with electric and hybrid cars to cover their vehicles. The more insurance agents can do to clarify why this is, and what owners might be able to do to better understand their policies overall, the better off they're both likely to be going forward.One of the biggest reasons that it ...

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  • Time to Reconsider Home Insurance Ahead of Tornado Season

    Every year, a large swath of the Midwest lives under threat of a tornado touching down, and that can be a costly concern for millions of people. Not only is the idea of being hit by a tornado scary, insuring against it can be quite expensive in some cases. Still, it's an expense that needs to be taken on for homeowners to be fully secure when and if they're affected, and the more that insurance agents can do to highlight benefits, the better off both parties are likely to be in the event of such a disaster.Tornado season looms once again, and it's generally a good idea for people who are in areas that could be hit to make sure their home insurance coverage will ...

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  • Experts Recommend Reviewing Home Insurance Policies Before Summer

    The risk of being hit by a major weather event or natural disaster looms over different parts of the country at various times of year. On the east coast, hurricane season usually begins in late summer, while wildfires tend to rage out west and tornadoes wreak havoc in the Midwest a few months earlier. In all these cases, though, homeowners will have to know if, when, and how they're protected on their insurance policies well in advance so they're not caught off guard by the claims process. Agents who take the time to review policies with their clients of these potentially dangerous times of year will likely be well-regarded by those consumers as a result.One of the ...

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  • Latest Flood Maps Having Huge Impact on Home Insurance

    In the last several years, the federal government has changed what it calls flood maps - which are used to determine flooding risk across the country - a number of times, and whenever these alterations are announced, many homeowners are left in tough situations. This latest round of changes seems to be impacting many people in Pennsylvania particularly hard, and it could lead many to pay significantly higher home insurance rates even if no other changes to their properties have been made. While this isn't likely to impact their existing home insurance costs, it might still be wise for agents to talk to their clients about why these changes happen and other ways they might be able to keep cos ...

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