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How Much Does Auto Insurance Fraud Cost Consumers?

Every year, there are thousands of cases of auto insurance fraud that are spotted by insurers and law enforcement agencies alike. However, many also continue to go undetected, and that ends up costing the average driver - who has no involvement with these crimes - a lot of money over the course of a year when it comes to paying their own premiums. This is an unfortunate reality that insurance agents might have to better explain to their clients, as this could go a long way toward making them feel better about what they pay every month. Auto insurance fraud is the most prevalent of any kind of in ...

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  • Now is the Time to Review Home Insurance Policies

    Millions of homeowners may have done a little bit of homework when it comes to many of the things their insurance policies do and don't cover, but when extreme weather hits, taking an extra step might go a long way. This is particularly true in the Northeastern U.S., where huge snow storms and bitter cold temperatures have battered the region for a few months now, and show no signs of letting up in the near future. This may lead to more need for home insurance claims, and it might therefore be wise for agents to make sure their clients understand exactly what is and isn't covered during these long winter months.The cold and snow over the last few months have ...

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  • California Officials Urge Education on Home Insurance Policies

    The rising cost of home insurance has been a problem for millions of Americans nationwide over the past few years, but a lot of their consternation might come from the fact that they don't fully understand their policies. That means when a storm hits, they might not know what they are - and aren't - covered for, even as experts continually urge them to better familiarize themselves with their own plans. For these reasons, insurance agents might have to do a little more outreach to help people better understand what any type of incident could mean for them.A major storm recently hit Northern California, bringing down trees and ...

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  • Some Dog Breeds Still Worry Home Insurers

    These days, many homeowners are finding out the hard way that there may be many reasons why their home insurance policies may become more expensive or even be canceled altogether when risk increases. One of the numerous reasons this might happen is related to the kinds of pets they might own. Because of this, it might be important for insurance agents to do more to educate consumers about the kinds of risk factors the lead insurers to such decisions, and what those homeowners may do to improve their situations. Each year, home insurance companies are likely to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in claims to people who suffer dog bites, and the number of those instances is often in the lo ...

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  • Reviewing the Importance of Flood Insurance

    The winter months aren't necessarily when most homeowners are concerned about the effects of heavy rains, but nonetheless, experts say that this is generally a good time for them to review their home insurance policies. That's because it's often a good idea to add flood insurance coverage before snow starts to melt and creates lots of standing and even running water in many parts of the country - and well in advance of the heavy rains that can accompany the arrival of spring. For these reasons, home insurance agents may need to do a little more outreach to their clients to help them understand the risks they face, and what they can do to reduce them.The general rule of thumb f ...

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  • More Consumers Becoming Aware of Price Optimization

    For some time now, many Americans have been growing more concerned about the rising cost of their auto insurance, and are always on the lookout for ways in which they can reduce these costs. And while many insurance agents may be able to provide tips for them to potentially lower their premiums on occasion, one issue that may prevent them from doing so is one that is coming increasingly under scrutiny from consumer groups.The concept of price optimization is one that has occasionally been in use by insurance agencies, but which has proven ...

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