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Holidays Can Provide Unfortunate Lesson in What Auto Insurance Covers

Every year, millions of Americans spend a lot of time, effort, and money on their holiday shopping excursions, and often stop at multiple locations with trunks and back seats packed with gifts. This, unfortunately, can provide criminals a serious opportunity to steal a lot of valuable items from them in short order, and often provides a hard lesson in terms of what auto insurance does and doesn't cover. For this reason, insurance agents may want to talk to consumers about these realities before such an incident happens to them, so that they don't compound the distress theft victims already feel.

The sad fact is that for the vast majority of those people who are victimized by th ...

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  • Consumers May Need Education on What Home Insurance Covers

    With the likelihood of winter weather rapidly approaching for many parts of the country - and its having already arrived in a few more - now might be a time when many consumers are worried about snow, wind, and ice damage to their homes over the next few months. But the fact of the matter is that their specific home insurance policies might not protect them against everything they might face this winter. As such, it might be wise for insurance agents to both remind consumers what they're up against and urge them to keep close tabs on their coverage.

    While there are many types of ...

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  • Home Insurance Costs Could Continue Rising Next Year

    For some time now, many consumers have watched with dismay as the costs they face for the various types of insurance coverage in their life have increased, but the fact is that they had to continue paying them regardless. Now, though, it seems that the costs for at least one of those might continue to rise next year, which may cause more angst every month. For this reason, it might be wise for home insurance agents to do everything they can to explain to clients why costs might be going up, and what consumers can do to reduce their risk and premiums going forward.

    This past year, the average amount of money consumers paid for their home insurance was ...

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  • Apps Could Be the Future of Auto Insurance

    Over the last several years, many drivers have likely taken on usage-based coverage that could serve to reduce their auto insurance costs overall. But now it seems that the way in which that kind of tracking of driving habits is going to take place is poised to evolve, and it may be incumbent upon insurers and agents to evolve. Agents who can explain to consumers the benefits of such coverage, and what it can do for their insurance costs overall, will likely be the ones that have more satisfied clients going forward as this technology becomes more prevalent.

    While usage-based coverage has typically relied upon devices specifically made for that purpose in the past few years, it seem ...

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  • Buffalo Residents May Struggle to Claim Lake-Effect Snow Damages

    Recently, the area around Buffalo, New York, was pummeled with multiple feet of snow and wind as a result of lake-effect snow in mid-November, and that might have led many homeowners there to have to file some sort of home insurance claim. Unfortunately, some experts say that those who suffered damage might not be able to make claims for it in certain circumstances. Because of this fact, it might be wise for insurance agents to always take the time to explain what is and isn't covered by a person's individual home insurance policy, and why that may or may not be the case.

    Lake-effect snow has long been a major problem for Buffalo-area residents, and ...

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  • Many Consumers Still Go Without Auto Insurance

    These days, the vast majority of Americans live in states where they are required by law to obtain  auto insurance, but the fact remains that many drivers simply don't do so. Whether the cost or some other factors are at play here, experts always urge consumers to carry as much auto insurance as they can afford, because even if it's just a little amount, that will keep them on the right side of the law and protect them financially. The more insurance agents can do to encourage people to have as robust a policy as they can, the better off both sides of the issue are likely to end up being in the event of an accident.

    While millions of drivers continue to be uninsured despit ...

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