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Louisiana Seeing Improved Home Insurance Market in Recent Years

Massachusetts drivers to see big upticks in auto insurance costs

In many ways, the state of Louisiana is still feeling a lot of the effects of Hurricane Katrina making landfall almost exactly 10 years ago. But one area where the Pelican State has fortunately recovered in a robust way is in the home insurance market, which was battered by the impact of that first storm, as well as Hurricane Rita, which made landfall about a month later and caused still more damage. The issues that still linger in the state, however, highlight the importance of insurance agents doing more to keep their clients informed about the ins and outs of coverage, and the ways major incidents like this can impact them for what could be years to come. In all, these two storms combine ...

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  • Wisconsin residents concerned about rising home insurance costs

    Louisiana seeing improved home insurance market in recent years

    Across the country, millions of homeowners have seen their costs for home insurance rise sharply in the last few years, and for various reasons. In some of those cases, it's because flood plains were redrawn, and many Americans now found themselves listed as being at risk for flood damage, which carries different requirements for home insurance coverage. And while those plans can be costly and typically aren't available through standard home insurance issuers, it might still be wise for insurance agents to make sure they walk their clients through the process of figuring out what changed and what they need to avoid running into potential difficulties later. In La Crosse, Wisconsin, for inst ...

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  • Where and Why Do Drivers Pay More For Auto Insurance?

    Wisconsin residents concerned about rising home insurance costs

    Nationwide, millions of Americans may be concerned about the rising cost of their auto insurance coverage, and many have good reason to do so. However, when it comes to the most popular vehicles sold nationwide each year, the ways in which those costs can add up varies widely by where they live. As a consequence, it might be important for insurance agents to start doing more to try to educate their clients about why they pay what they do for coverage on an ongoing basis, to help avoid some of the frustrations that can arise as a result. In the 25 biggest cities nationwide, the people who tend to ...

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  • Arizona Residents Struggle with Fallout from Summer Storms

    Where and why do drivers pay more for auto insurance

    During the summer, many parts of the country can be hit with some harsh weather, and the American Southwest is no exception. Indeed, residents of southern Arizona were pelted with high winds and other storm activity that led to plenty of damage. That, in turn, will probably end up resulting in plenty of home insurance claims being filed across the region, and experts say that it's important for people to carefully assess their situations before getting in contact with an insurer. Agents who can highlight the reasons why this is important to people who have been victimized by this type of damage could end up doing plenty of good for all parties involved. It's not yet clear just how much dama ...

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  • Massachusetts Homeowners See Rates Spike After Harsh Winter

    Arizona residents struggle with fallout from summer storms

    Anyone in Massachusetts could probably tell you that the winter they just went through was quite harsh. The city got more than 100 inches of snow in the course of about two months, leading to economic damage that some estimates put in the billions, and headaches for everyone as public transportation was shut down on multiple occasions. Now, homeowners there are about to get even more bad news, only a few days after the last of the snow piles melted at one of the city's designated "snow farms," as their home insurance premiums are likely to go up sharply. This is something that insurance agents will have to handle with care in the coming months. Because of how harsh that winter was, auto and ...

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  • How Does Flooding Affect Auto Insurance?

    Are homeowners covered in case of mold

    The late summer can often be a time when hurricanes and flooding become a real threat in some parts of the country, and many homeowners there are often prepared for the fallout should such an issue arise. However, that's not always the case when it comes to auto insurance, because some drivers might not even know they need to review their auto policies to better understand how they would be protected in the event of flooding. That, in turn, is something that insurance agents may need to do a better job of telling their clients about the various issues that might arise over the course of time, such as when harsh weather and other issues hit. The most recent projections from the National Ocea ...

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