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Disabled Homeowners Rejected For Insurance Over Guide Dog Breeds

Home insurance with dogs

In the past several years, there has occasionally been stories that crop up about consumers who are rejected for home insurance policies because of the types of dogs they own. Breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers often raise eyebrows of insurers because they are sometimes associated with claims that stem from bites and other injuries. But these days, pit bulls are being used as guide dogs in a lot of cases, and some disabled Americans have filed a lawsuit to make sure they can still get home insurance even when they rely on that breed. This issue is certainly something that will have to be monitored by insurance agents going forward, as a decision in the suit could have a major impact for t ...

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  • Ease of Use Keeping Millennial Drivers Happy with Auto Insurance

    Disabled homeowners rejected for insurance over guide dog breeds

    A lot of attention in the auto insurance industry over the last few years has been paid to getting consumers to either switch from their old coverage providers to a new one, or stick with the one they have. And a lot of the reason that people switch isn't necessarily high premiums - though that certainly plays a role - but rather a lack of strong customer service. Fortunately, it seems that people are generally growing more satisfied with their coverage and are therefore less likely to switch, largely because insurers are doing more to connect with young adults in particular. That may be good news for insurance agents as a whole, but they should still try to do more to keep their clients ...

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  • Michigan Continues Work Toward Lowering Auto Insurance Rates

    Michigan Continues Work Toward Lowering Auto Insurance Rates

    Across the country, millions of Americans may be concerned about the price they pay for auto insurance each month, with little recourse for lowering their rates. However, this might be particularly true in Michigan, where consumers currently pay the highest rates in the country for auto insurance (for a number of different reasons). Lawmakers there have long been working to figure out ways they can reduce those costs, and some experts now believe that a reasonable solution has been found. As a result, insurance agents might want to start letting their clients know about these new rules before they go into effect, so that both sides of the relationship are fully prepared for the potential ...

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  • How Can Homeowners Prepare Their Properties for Major Summer Storms?

    Michigan continues work toward lowering auto insurance rates

    Across the country, many Americans may know that their likelihood of being hit by harsh weather and other disasters is about to increase dramatically in the summer months. Soon enough, the Southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts will have to start worrying about hurricane season, and the Midwest will be on high alert for tornadoes. But while they're waiting for these potential incidents, homeowners in those areas might do well to prepare both their properties and their home insurance policies for such events. In these areas, insurance agents might do well to help them in that process.There are many ways in which consumers can get ready for ...

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  • Self-Driving Cars Will Impact Auto Insurance Industry

    How can homeowners prepare their properties for major summer storms

    In recent years, a small but growing number of companies have begun to test cars that can drive themselves automatically. The thinking among many experts is that within the next two decades or so, they're likely to become more or less ubiquitous across the country and beyond. But with that understanding comes the implicit knowledge that such a technological revolution would likewise have a major impact on the auto insurance industry. And while these changes aren't likely to be anything widespread in the next several years or more, it might still be wise for insurance agents to stay abreast of the topic so that they know how their jobs might change in the not-too-distant future.Goog ...

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  • Texas Floods Worrisome for Insurance Industry

    Self driving cars will impact auto insurance industry

    When floodwaters rise in various parts of the country, many consumers may be safe in the knowledge that, even if their homes are affected, the coverage they have through the federal government's National Flood Insurance Program will protect them financially. However, there may be a number of problems with that presumption, including the fact that the NFIP may be a little more stressed than it ought to be. As such, it might be wise for insurance agents who deal with consumers' standard home coverage policies to talk to them about the risks they may face in these instances, and what they might be able to do to better protect themselves going forward.The flooding that recently hit Tex ...

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