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Tips for Increasing Your Agency Visibility on Social Media

social media for insurance agents

Social media is great marketing tool, but there are so many platforms it can be difficult to know which social media site will be most effective at engaging future and current customers. Most small businesses, such as independent insurance agencies, agree that social media is an important marketing tool, but don’t know if their efforts are effective. Understanding the basics can help you get started with a solid social marketing strategy that increases your agency visibility. According to marketing agencies active in the social media space, investing in social marketing improves traction at a much lower cost than more traditional forms of advertising. ...

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  • How to Start an Insurance Agency | Superior Access

    How to Start an Insurance Agency

    An Easy Guide to Starting Your Own Insurance Agency Running your own insurance agency gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility—but it can also be a daunting prospect, particularly if you aren't sure where to begin. Luckily, there are a number of resources that can help you get started. So how do you start your own insurance agency? Here's a quick guide. Get Licensed First of all, you need to be a licensed insurance agent. This is the most obvious prerequisite, and one that you may have already completed. If not, be sure to do some research on licensing requirements in your area. Make ...

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  • Insurance Lead Generation | Superior Access

    insurance lead generation

    The Secrets of Insurance Lead Generation How do insurance agents get leads? If you’ve recently launched an insurance agency or have hit a rough patch, then you’ll probably be looking for ways to connect with customers. With a little work, finding new clients is definitely possible. Here’s some quick tips for insurance lead generation. Getting Referrals First, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. If you have any previous satisfied customers, then encourage them to send you possible leads; if you don’t, then ask your family, friends, or coworkers to spread the ...

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  • Insurance Agent Marketing | Superior Access

    insurance agent marketing

    Marketing Tactics for Insurance Agents and Brokers If you're running an independent insurance agency, then you'll need to know how to market your business. Good marketing lets consumers know where to turn when they need an insurance policy, and helps keep you fresh in the mind of potential customers. Here's a handy guide to insurance agent marketing. Websites First of all, be sure that you have a well-established online presence. In this day and age, a good website is no longer a luxury—it's a must. Be sure that your website contains all the most importa ...

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  • What Are Independent Insurance Agencies? | Superior Access

    independent insurance agent

    What Are Independent Insurance Agencies? You have numerous options when it comes to acquiring insurance. Many companies claim to offer clients benefits by cutting out the middleman, which in this case is the actual agent. There are pros and cons to this, but you should seriously consider finding an independent insurance agent who can assist you. How Do Independent Agencies Differ From Other Companies? Other types of insurance agencies refer to themselves as “direct writers.” This means there is no agent involved, and the client simply gets a quote from the agency as a whole. This seems more simplistic and therefore easier for average citizens to ...

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  • Building an Insurance Agency Business Plan | Superior Access

    insurance agency business plan

    Building an Insurance Agency Business Plan Any company, no matter what industry it is in, needs a comprehensive business plan. The reason this document is needed is that it basically serves as a roadmap for where you want your organization to go in the near and far future. Before your company even begins, you need to develop the insurance agency business plan in full to be prepared for practically anything. How Do You Build a Plan? It requires a lot of research to have an effective business plan. For starters, you want to creative realistic objectives. Determine where you want your insurance agency to be one year from now, two years from now and so on. I ...

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