Consumers Can Prepare for Upcoming Weather with Home Insurance Checkup

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  • When harsh weather conditions adversely affect a property, it can usually leave homeowners feeling confused, stressed, and unhappy. That’s because many Americans may pay for their home insurance policies dutifully every month, but often don’t do the homework necessary to fully understand these plans. Now that spring is here, it might be wise for insurance agents to urge consumers to take that extra time, so that they’ll be prepared for anything that might happen to them that could lead to a claim in the coming months.


    “Spring weather can lead to flooding, falling trees, and more.”


    The springtime – in many parts of the country – means heavy rains, high winds, and more, and that, in turn, increases the risk of having to file a home insurance claim, according to a report from Greensboro, North Carolina, television station WMAZ. This kind of weather can lead to flooding, falling trees, broken windows, and so on, and all of them could lead to significant difficulties as it relates to their home insurance policies.

    “When severe weather happens, most people they call about their roof, some damages to their roof either hail or wind damages to the roof or a tree may fall on it,” Terrence Williams, owner of a local insurance agency, told the station. “Just walk around your property and make sure you don’t see any trees that are dead that you may want to cut down.”

    One of the biggest issues
    This time of year, flooding is a huge problem in many parts of the country, and most people don’t know that it’s not covered by standard home insurance, the report said. For that reason, the sooner people get enrolled in such coverage – which can add about $15-25 per month to their current policies – the more protected they’re likely to be in the event that they need to file such a claim when water levels rise.


    Flooding can be a major home insurance problem for which people aren't always prepared.Flooding can be a major home insurance problem for which people aren’t always prepared.


    The more agents can do to help people understand their policies, the better off both parties are likely to be. That’s because people with a better knowledge of their plans will be more prepared to protect themselves and their properties, and also feel better about their relationships with their insurers because they’ll be more likely to know exactly what they’re paying for. That, in turn, should boost customer satisfaction ratings and client retention rates alike for the most proactive agents.