Delaware Allows Drivers to Show Digital Proof of Auto Insurance

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  • In the past, many drivers across the country may have had a little bit of difficulty in providing proof of insurance in certain situations, such as if they’re driving another person’s car. However, a new law in the state of Delaware might give them more flexibility if the need arises, and as such, it might be a big help to a large number of residents and visitors alike. However, insurance agents might need to do a little more outreach to alert consumers to this change, as adding that kind of convenience might not be something they all know about.

    The Delaware legislature recently passed House Bill 258 w/HA 1, and it was subsequently signed into law by the governor in short order, according to a report from the state’s government website. Specifically, this law states that police officers will now be able to accept electronic proof of insurance in lieu of a physical copy, as presented on a cellphone or other type of portable device. Often, insurance companies offer apps that might allow their policyholders the ability to pull up this kind of information.

    “I applaud the Delaware legislature and Gov. [Jack] Markell for passing and enacting this legislation that will now allow for electronic proof of auto insurance,” said Delaware Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart. “Delaware is now the 37th state to allow this proof of insurance coverage. However, I suggest that all drivers still keep a physical copy of their current insurance ID card in their vehicle in case your cell phone – or other portable electronic device – has a dead battery or can’t get a signal when you need to show your proof of coverage.”

    What else is involved?
    In addition, the law also says that just because a person presents their handheld device to show insurance, that does not mean officers can otherwise search such electronics for any reason, the report said. However, no state officials can be held responsible for any damage done to that handset.

    Insurance agents that do more to help their consumers find a bit more comfort with their auto policies might end up seeing significantly increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. That, in turn, could lead to increased levels of customer retention, as well as the potential for those clients to recommend their companies to friends and family, which could mean more business down the road.