Do consumers know how much auto insurance they need?

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  • The good part of any kind of insurance coverage is that it insulates consumers from potentially massive costs that can sometimes be incurred, and many Americans have learned that fact the hard way. But over the last several years in particular, the cost of auto coverage has been rising very quickly, and that may leave a large number of drivers worried about their costs every month. For this reason, it might be wise for insurance agents to do more to reach out to consumers and help them understand what they’re paying for, as well as what they can do to reduce their coverage costs throughout the year.

    Experts say that one of the best ways for consumers to cut their auto insurance costs – especially if they have long, clean driving records – is by looking into whether they should increase their deductibles, according to a report from Auto News World. Most insurance companies start consumers at fairly low deductibles, and if a driver thinks he or she can afford to increase that number, even if it’s by a few hundred dollars, the savings could add up quickly.

    What else to consider
    Of course, not all policies or insurers offer the same discounts on a monthly premium for making this change, the report said. As such, it might be wise for them to consider how their own policies will be affected. That could include, doing a little bit of math to determine what their potential annual savings would be, versus the possible added cost if they do get into an accident, to see if they think such a move would be right for them. Interestingly, studies show that the savings in some states for making this kind of decision could actually be quite high, but in others, it will be minimal.

    Insurance agents who can sufficiently highlight the ins and outs of their clients’ coverage options, including finding them ways to reduce costs, may end up having a much better experience in dealing with these people going forward. In fact, that kind of customer service is actually more highly valued by consumers than simply being able to help them cut their monthly premiums, and as such, finding a reasonable balance between these two could go a long way toward ensuring high retention rates and even garnering recommendations.