Experts Urge Home Caution Over Holiday Season

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  • Americans tend to think of the holiday as a joyous time of year, but it can also be quite hectic as well. For this reason, experts tend to urge consumers to take extra caution with regard to things around their homes that can stem from holiday activities but which may pose significant problems with regard to home insurance liability. Agents who make sure to contact their clients and explain some of the most common accidents at this time of year and what they can do to protect themselves, their friends, and their families, might end up doing both themselves and those customers a lot of good.

    One of the biggest concerns many homeowners should have when they host guests is making sure their ovens are tended to properly, according to a report from the office of Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens. That should include setting a timer so that consumers don’t leave these appliances on after they’ve stopped using them, as well as making sure their homes have enough smoke detectors with fully charged batteries to help detect a fire before it gets out of control.

    “Last year we had 17 fire fatalities in Georgia were the cause of the fire was cooking-related,” said Hudgens. “Over the years we have seen many fires caused by a stove that has been accidentally left on.”

    What else poses a risk?
    Meanwhile, many homeowners who live in colder climates know full well that icy walkways can lead to serious injuries, and with a lot of people potentially coming over for a visit, keeping that kind of thing in mind is of the utmost importance. The more that can be done to make sure any path is free of snow and ice, the better off consumers and their loved ones are likely to be in terms of avoiding a mishap.

    Insurance agents who can cultivate healthy ongoing relationships with their clients are generally those who are going to be able to keep their retention and customer satisfaction rates as high as possible. Studies show that consumers tend to value this more highly than the occasional discount an agent might be able to provide for them, and as such it might be wise for agents to try to do both as the holidays approach, at a time when many Americans can really use a little bit more money.