Florida Home Insurance Costs Finally Tumble

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  • After years of escalation due to significant weather-related risks, the cost of obtaining home insurance in Florida has been rising steadily, and making many homeowners uncomfortable with the price tag. Now, it seems that the upticks are finally reversing themselves, and that could provide residents with at least some relief from the potential pressure. However, the fact remains that even with a slight decline in home insurance premiums, people might still feel that they’re paying too much for their coverage, and therefore, agents might have to do more to help them understand why they pay what they do, and what they might be able to accomplish in terms of getting that number reduced.

    Floridians pay the highest average home insurance costs in the country – a price tag of $1,933 in 2011, the most recent year for which such data is available – and have been doing so for some time, according to a report from Florida Today. Because of three major hurricanes making landfall within the Sunshine State in relatively quick succession several years ago, costs steadily rose because insurers were trying to spread out their resultant costs for damages. But experts now say those issues have been taken care of, and premiums are likely to start declining for 2015.

    Good news going forward
    Further, it seems that the issues that propped up increases for a period of several years are unlikely to repeat themselves any time soon, the report said. As such, residents can likely expect that their rates will continue to decline as their risk does the same.

    “Barring any major catastrophes or any major changes in the legal system, we’re hopeful that we’ll have a constant stable market,” Rich Koon, Florida’s deputy commissioner of property and casualty insurance, told the newspaper. “I don’t see anything on the horizon that would suggest that rates wouldn’t continue to creep down.”

    Agents who can provide consumers worried about large insurance price tags with the chance to find the occasional discount might find that their client satisfaction numbers are on the rise. However, another great way to accomplish such a task is to simply do more to provide improved customer service, because data shows policyholders actually seem to value this kind of thing more so than just finding the occasional discount of 5 or 10 percent. Therefore, striking the proper balance between these two considerations can go a long way toward ensuring people are as satisfied as possible with their coverage and relationship with their agent.