Google Launching Auto Insurance Service?

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  • These days, millions of Americans may be concerned about the price they pay for their various types of insurance, including their plans for auto coverage. As a consequence, more are starting to look for ways they can save money on their various plans in just about any way they can, and it seems that perhaps the best-known name in tech is poised to help them achieve those goals. However, insurance agents may want to point out that the best price doesn’t always mean the best coverage, because the companies offering those low costs may not provide the best customer service.

    In 2012, Google introduced a service called Compare that allowed people in the United Kingdom to examine the different auto insurance rates available to them from a number of different providers, and has now turned its attentions to a similar service in the U.S., according to a report from Forrester. Currently, the company is eyeing a rollout for Compare in California within the next few months. If that proves successful, it could be introduced in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas shortly thereafter.

    How far could it reach?
    Currently, Google Compare is allowed to operate in 28 states, and more may be on the way, the report said. In addition, the tech giant has already struck deals with a number of insurers both large and small, and more are likely to join if the process proves successful for those early adopters. Further, Google seems to have acquired an existing auto insurance comparison site as a means of more easily facilitating the shift into this realm of business, and giving it some cachet in the field going forward.

    The reason insurance agents might not have a lot to worry about from this new innovation from Google is that time and again, polls show that consumers value strong customer service more highly than they do the ability to save a little bit of money on their premiums every month. For this reason, any efforts agents can make to ensure that people are satisfied with their service will be more likely to end up keeping their retention rates as high as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to regularly work with clients to explain to them how the various aspects of their current plans can be most beneficial to them.