Hawaii Residents Concerned Over Insurance Changes After Lava Flow

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  • The cost of home insurance is often a big issue for homeowners who want to make sure they’re keeping all their expenditures on coverage as minimal as possible so that they can better afford their day-to-day expenses. However, many face issues that can raise their rates through no fault of their own, and such a situation is now playing out in Hawaii. As such, it might be wise for insurance agents there to explain to residents why their rates may be on the rise, and what they can do to reduce those costs in other ways.

    A significant lava flow affected many residents on the Hawaii’s biggest island, and that, in turn, has led to many people seeing their home insurance rates rise, or their coverage dropped altogether, according to a report from Honolulu television station KHON. Now, lawmakers in the Aloha State are considering ways in which they might be able to aid those affected homeowners if they can; one such bill would mandate that policy providers retain people’s policies even if they would have dropped them in the past.

    “We oppose them in the way they’re written primarily because anything that is done to improve or subsidize the policy holders in Puna area are going to have any impact on other policy holders of property elsewhere in the state,” one resident told the station.

    Major concerns
    Many Americans may fully understand why a home insurance provider might drop them for coverage, but that’s often not going to give them much consolation in terms. For these reasons, they may be on the lookout for ways they can both keep their costs down and make sure they’re retaining the best possible coverage available to them simultaneously. It may not always be easy, but for those worried about massive repair costs, it probably is vital.

    The more insurance agents can do to help people understand their policies, what is and isn’t covered by them, and what they can do to improve their situations, the better off both parties are likely to be. Informed consumers can make better choices about their financial decisions, while agents with good working relationships with their clients will generally see higher rates of customer satisfaction and retention. In fact, many people actually prefer good customer service to saving money on their plans, so this type of effort really can go a long way.