Hawaiian Homeowners Could Face Insurance Issues Soon

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  • People all over the country have various risk factors for different types of natural events that could threaten their properties. Those in the Midwest could be hit with tornadoes, the Eastern Seaboard could have a hurricane make landfall, and earthquakes could rock the West Coast. But in Hawaii, the concerns are a little different, because they include the possibility of a volcanic eruption. As such, home insurance agents operating in the Aloha State might want to take the time to explain to residents there all the risks they might face, and what they can do to better insure themselves against such threats.

    Residents of certain parts of Puna, Hawaii, could soon face significant issues if they want to obtain home insurance, because a lava flow that began back in late June and has slowly crept toward the town is growing worrisome, according to a report from West Hawaii Today. The Hawaii Property Insurance Association – a state-run organization that exists because people at high risk for damage from eruptions often have difficulty obtaining such coverage through private insurers – has now placed a moratorium on the issuing of new home insurance policies in the area.

    What’s the issue?
    Fortunately, those with existing coverage – about 2,400 homeowners – have been guaranteed that their policies will not be canceled or non-renewed, the report said. But the flow is of particular concern because it’s still going, with no signs of stopping; within the next few weeks alone, the flow could reach a number of major roads in the area, including Highway 130, and cause major disruptions for residents.

    “Students that reside south of the flow will remain in their home schools if those facilities are not negatively impacted,” a letter from the HPIA told residents, according to the newspaper. “Plans are also being considered should the flow change in direction or should the air quality become compromised in any of the three schools located to the south of the flow.”

    Home insurance agents who can connect with consumers regularly to help deal with and better understand the issues that might face them based on their specific geographic locations could be those that end up seeing the highest rates of customer satisfaction and retention. Quality service is often valued by clients even more so than simply being able to provide the lowest-priced coverage available, and therefore finding a good balance between these two factors could drive satisfaction even more effectively going forward.