Home Insurance Costs a Key Factor in Texas Governor Race

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  • The amount of money people across the country pay for their home insurance coverage every year is often something that’s a significant point of concern. However, in some states this is more of an issue than others, particularly if homes there are at an elevated risk for damage from something that isn’t covered in their standard policies. In one such place, it’s now a major topic in the gubernatorial race. In the meantime, insurance agents may want to take the time to talk to their clients about their potential issues, and what they could mean for their ongoing coverage costs.

    In the race to be the next governor of Texas, Sen. Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbot have repeatedly brought up the amount state residents pay for their home insurance coverage, according to a report from Live Insurance News. Premiums in that state in particular have spiked over the last several years – by as much as 15 percent last year alone for some people – so much so that this is now one of the pressing issues of the campaign.

    Where’s the disagreement?
    Both candidates generally agree that Texans pay too much for their home insurance, but how to approach the issue remains a point of contention between the two, the report said. While Abbott has not come up with a definitive plan to reduce these costs, Davis says that the state’s oversight of the insurance industry specifically remains wanting; this is especially true insofar as the Lone Star State has little in the way of infrastructure to review proposed rate increases from insurers before they go into effect for consumers.

    Home insurance costs can be appreciable, especially for those living in particularly vulnerable areas, so the more that can be done to explain the necessity of such coverage, the more satisfied consumers are likely to be with their relationship to an agent. However, because these costs are often so onerous for owners, it’s important to further note that the most successful agents will likely also be those who can find the occasional discount for these policyholders, who might continued to be a little dismayed at the cost even as they agree it’s a necessity. Striking the perfect balance between these two factors isn’t always easy, but it is often necessary for high-quality customer service.