How Can Agents Help Clients Cut Home Insurance Costs?

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  • These days, millions of Americans are paying hundreds of dollars per month for their various insurance policies, and while these plans are often vital to their financial security and well being, they may still be a little concerned about their costs. For this reason, there are many people who would like to see a little more flexibility in this regard, especially when it comes to their more expensive policies, such as home insurance. Agents who can help their clients find that kind of flexibility might end up having far more success in terms of being able to build better relationships going forward.

    Consumers who want to keep their home insurance costs down on an ongoing basis likely have many options available to help them do so, according to a report from Boston television station WCVB. One of the most widely available is bundling, through which consumers buy not only home insurance, but also auto plans and other types of coverage through one company, and get a small discount on all of them as a result. That, in turn, can provide substantial savings across a number of different policies.

    What about those looking for far better deals?
    However, if they want to save more money on just their home insurance, owners still have a number of options, the report said. These include installing relatively low-cost protective devices and home features that would greatly reduce the risk of a major incident. In addition, some companies even offer discounts to those who don’t smoke, or hold certain jobs that would potentially reduce their risk for having to file a claim. Further, those who can go a long time without making a claim might find that they are able to obtain a discount for that as well.

    Agents who can find discounts are often valued quite highly by their clients, but many polls show that this isn’t the only or even the most important component of high customer service ratings. Instead, consumers actually prefer agents with whom they’ve built a relationship and who they know they can count on to help them whenever they have questions or concerns about their coverage. The more that can be done to engender that kind of feeling, the better off agents are likely to be not only in terms of customer retention, but also the ability to attract new clients through strong, positive word of mouth.