How Can Homeowners Prepare Their Properties for Major Summer Storms?

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    Across the country, many Americans may know that their likelihood of being hit by harsh weather and other disasters is about to increase dramatically in the summer months. Soon enough, the Southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts will have to start worrying about hurricane season, and the Midwest will be on high alert for tornadoes. But while they’re waiting for these potential incidents, homeowners in those areas might do well to prepare both their properties and their home insurance policies for such events. In these areas, insurance agents might do well to help them in that process.

    There are many ways in which consumers can get ready for the possibility of a major storm or other incident hitting their homes, regardless of where they live, according to a report from the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. Experts agree that perhaps the most important of these is to simply take an account of their current status with their home insurance policy.

    What to review
    When looking at their plans, consumers should first examine what they are and aren’t covered for, their deductibles, and other things that would come into play during the process of filing a claim, the report said. In addition, they might also be wise to record what they have in their homes, because if it is damaged it will be easier for them to prove certain issues that may arise during the claims process.

    “It’s important to take the time now to prepare your property, simple steps could save you time in the recovery process,” said Joe Woods, vice president of state government relations for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. “Many in these potentially impacted areas, including myself, are doing what we can to prepare for torrential downpours which could cause dangerous flooding. If your home is near water or in a low-lying area, make sure you seek higher ground to avoid rushing waters. Right now, insurance companies are working with those in the field who were impacted by the last round of storms, and once emergency officials say it’s safe adjusters will move into the affected areas and assist customers.”

    The effects of a flood can be devastating for homeowners, so doing as much preparation as possible may be crucial.The effects of a flood can be devastating for homeowners, so doing as much preparation as possible may be crucial.

    What else to keep in mind
    Meanwhile, many consumers should also try to remember that flooding is typically not covered by a standard home insurance policy, the report said. As such, they may need to tack on some additional coverage for this type of plan if they live in areas where these incidences are more likely.

    The more insurance agents can do to help consumers protect their properties and understand their home insurance policies, the better off both they and their clients are likely to be going forward. That kind of effort could reduce the risk of those people having to file a claim in the first place, and even if they do, having a greater knowledge of the process behind it and what they can do on their end may serve to significantly improve their satisfaction with their policies overall. That, in turn, would likely end up leading to higher rates of customer retention for agents going forward.