How Can Owners Cut Their Home Insurance Costs?

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  • Rising insurance costs have long been on the minds of many Americans, and this may be especially true for homeowners who live in areas where they run a high risk of having to file a claim following a major weather event. However, many consumers may not know about the fact that most home insurers likely give them many chances to qualify for discounts these days, but don’t advertise the deals, meaning they could be able to get one without even knowing it. Agents who can help consumers meet these needs might end up seeing a major positive impact on their customer satisfaction numbers.

    One of the easiest ways to save money on not just home insurance, but a number of different coverage types, is to simply have more than one type of plan with the same carrier, according to a report from Daily Finance. These discounts are often small, but can add up for those who already have more than one coverage type.

    Along different lines, consumers who have invested in home security systems can often obtain major discounts for coverage, as can those who recently built or renovated their homes, the report said. These may help to reduce the risk of filing a claim overall, and those who go a period of a few years without doing so can likewise probably obtain a discount for that as well.

    What about discounts for longevity?
    Meanwhile, many insurers give older homeowners discounts as well, and while these are typically reserved for seniors, the fact remains that some might offer them to policyholders as young as 50 years old, the report said. And if they’ve had the same home insurer for a long time, they might also be able to qualify for loyalty discounts which can serve to further reduce their premiums.

    However, it should be noted that the ability to provide low-cost coverage via the occasional discount is often secondary to consumers in terms of keeping satisfaction high. Instead, it seems that customers generally prefer to simply have a strong working relationship with their agents and regularly receive high-quality customer service. Certainly, finding discounts on occasion can have a positive impact on feelings, but when they’re not available to some people, the ability to explain why, and what else might be able to happen to help them out, could go a long way.