Independent Insurance Agents and Digital Technology

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    Let’s face it: digital technology is emerging and changing how we do just about everything. You can purchase just about any product online, get news from around the world at any time of day, and watch full length movies on your phone. The trend is emerging, and people are adapting to it. As an independent insurance agent, you should be aware of trends and how to best utilize them to reach your customers.

    Customers want instant gratification and they want options. What makes insurance any different? Online quotes make it easier than ever to shop around for the lowest price for the exact coverage needed. While the percentage of consumers shopping for auto insurance stayed the same at 46% from 2014 to 20151, the method of getting a quote changed. More and more customers are shopping for insurance online, increasing from 67% in 2014 to 71% in 20151. Why? Well it’s simply easier. Consumers can get quotes from any device – their tablets, phones, or computers. It’s easy and accessible for them to shop around for a lower price anytime. On top of that, consumers are getting more than one quote. 62% of consumers who shopped for insurance online got two to three quotes to compare between carriers and coverage1. Customers don’t want to pay more for the same insurance coverage, and they know how to find the best deal.

    Aside from instant gratification, customers want the online buying process to be easy and quick. Your website should be easy to access, easy to understand and have a lot of information for anyone interested. The website should be optimized for mobile so customers can use their tablets or phones to get a quote as well. The ability to get their own quotes online through your website is an added benefit for potential customers.

    In addition to buying and quoting insurance online, customers want to have control over their policies. You can create an online portal for your customers to login to so they can see their policy and billing information. An interactive section is an added bonus – a live chat where a customer can speak to an agent for quick question, or an area where a customer can report a loss.

    If an agent wants to increase their business and build better relationships with customers, they should consider moving to the digital technology front. They can utilize additional staff or automation to be available for customers at all hours. Customers can have instant gratification and be able to communicate better with their insurance agent. Trends are always changing, but the switch to digital technology is only beginning.

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