Insurance Agents Should Encourage Diligence Now

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  • With many insurance agents still focusing on dealing with claims from the difficult winter weather that hit many parts of the country since the start of the new year, it might not be easy to turn their attentions to anything else. However, at least encouraging their policyholders to do a little bit of due diligence this spring ahead of some potentially troubling times is often a pretty good idea.

    Already, many parts of the country are starting to experience at least a little bit of flooding, and some of it might even have been severe, according to a report from Helena, Mont., television station KRTV. As a result, now is the best possible time for agents to remind their clients that they should do all in their power to understand their policies, and what they do and do not cover. If their circumstances have changed in some way in the last year – such as by building an addition to their home – it might be wise to see how that will affect such coverage and whether it might be wise to alter the policies in any way to make sure they will be fully covered if necessary.

    What about when trouble hits?
    Of course, it’s also important that consumers who end up being hit by this kind of issue, or others they might encounter as the weather turns warmer again, to know not only what is and isn’t covered by their plans, but also what they’ll need to do to make claims, the report said. By keeping close tabs on everything that might have been damaged, and doing all they can to prepare themselves and their homes for any eventuality.

    “I would take photos and document dates and times, when the water showed up, where it entered through, kind of points of entry, source of water, so if it came through a crawl space door or an egress window, get that documentation, especially if you can get some sort of damage, show where the damage is, water markings… those are kind of important,” says insurance agent Mike Miller told the television station.

    At this time, it might also be wise for insurance agents to make sure their customers are happy with their policies. If they’re not, they might choose to shop around in an effort to find more affordable coverage elsewhere.