Why You Should Be on the Internet as an Independent Agent

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    When you operate an independent insurance agency, you need to get the word out about all the great services you have to offer. These days, more people are turning toward online insurance companies for its relative ease. Therefore, an insurance marketing campaign that does not utilize the internet effectively is at a serious disadvantage. Here are some ways to market insurance services online.

    Have a Website

    No one really uses the Yellow Pages anymore to find businesses. Instead, they go online and search for companies on Google. Without a website, people are not going to find your company. Instead, they are going to find your competitors. However, having a basic website is not enough. You also need to outfit it, so it possesses the following qualities.

    • Usable: If it takes a long time for your webpages to load, then consumers are simply going to go somewhere else.
    • Mobile Friendly: A lot of people use their smartphones to search for services online. Your website should be able to adapt in size to the screen it is being viewed on.
    • Searchable: Search engine optimization is a critical component in today’s digital age. Your website’s URL should be simple and memorable. The content on the webpages should contain links to other reputable sites. Content should contain keywords people are likely to search for on Google and other search engines.
    • Professional: Finally, you want to show potential customers you put in the time to create a professional website. That means there are no typos and all the images are high-quality. The color scheme should be simple. Insurance agencies do not have to get crazy and fun with wacky colors. The font should be professional. That means opting for something such as Times New Roman as opposed to Comic Sans.

    Most consumers only spend a few seconds on a website before deciding whether to stay or leave. That means it should be clear from the beginning what your insurance agency has to offer. A consumer should also be able to easily find the navigation menu and get around the site.

    Use Social Media

    After you set up a website, you can establish social media pages for your agency. That means setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and anything else you can find that seems prudent. It does not cost anything to create accounts on these sites, so it is a cost-effective method of getting the word out further. Someone at the agency should keep an eye on social media accounts so that someone responds to comments or questions in a timely manner.

    Look Into Various Advertising Strategies

    Your agency’s online marketing strategy should not involve pop-up ads. Most people are simply annoyed by them, and they are not going to help your reputation. Instead, invest in something along the lines of a pay-per-click ad campaign. This is when your agency gets sponsored ads on relevant webpages. You only spend money when someone clicks on the ad, so you know your dollars are translating to more eyes on your website. You can also look into creating a banner ad or sponsoring a site.

    Develop Creative Content

    You should always update your agency’s website often with new articles and blogs related to the insurance industry. However, feel free to think outside the box. You can also create educational videos or podcasts that delve more in-depth about insurance services. When someone has a question related to insurance, he or she should immediately know to turn to your site.

    Make your independent insurance agency’s presence known by developing a professional website. Independent agents should also reach out to Superior Access, which has helped numerous agents already obtain access to preferred carriers. Contact us to learn more.

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