Kansas Urging Homeowners to Review Insurance Policies

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  • Consumers across the country may occasionally take the time to review all the ways in which they spend money over the course of a given year, and that usually includes taking a look at their expenses when it comes to their various types of insurance coverage. Now, the state of Kansas is specifically urging residents to look into the ways in which they are covered by home insurance in the coming weeks, ahead of tornado season, which could mean that insurance there can expect to receive an influx of calls.

    The Kansas Insurance Department suggests that residents should take the next few weeks to look at what is and isn’t covered by their homeowners or renters insurance policies so they know whether they might need to beef up their policies, or scale them back, according to a report from the Winfield Courier. This might also allow them to better familiarize themselves with the way their policies work, in general. In addition, the agency has published a guide, titled “Kansas Homeowners and Renters Insurance and Shopper’s Guide,” to help walk them through the process.

    What will consumers need to look at?
    When it comes to the policies themselves, insurance customers may need to evaluate how much coverage they have, and for what, the report said. Many standard policies might exclude payouts in the event of damages caused by certain types of incident, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and so on. Determining whether extra coverage may be needed to ensure that there are enough safeguards for consumers when their homes are at particular risk for certain disasters may go a long way toward protecting them, even if there’s an added cost involved.

    Consumers should also be aware of the deductibles they’re going to face if they are hit with an unexpected event, the report said. They might be able to cut their premium costs by raising their deductibles, for instance, but they would have to determine whether the extra savings would be enough to counterbalance the potentially huge increase in personal costs if they’re impacted.

    During this time, agents might also be able to help consumers make the best and most informed choices possible so that they know exactly what they can expect from their insurers going forward. That may also help to improve the relationship they have with their clients, and therefore put them in a better position moving forward as well.