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    How Do I Become an Independent Insurance Agent? 

    If you have a strong desire to help people reach their goals and you want a career that puts you in charge of your own destiny, you may thrive in the insurance industry. Independent insurance agents have the ability to make lucrative commissions and provide valuable services to their customers. Here is what you need to know about how to become an insurance agent.


    Most careers require a specific sequence of courses, but insurance agents have more flexibility. In some cases, you can start your career as an insurance agent with only a high school diploma. Some opportunities require a college education, but there are many degrees that would be a perfect fit for a career as an insurance agent. If you majored in business, marketing, communications, finance or another related field, you may have what it takes for a successful insurance career.


    While the requirements for the basic educational credentials may be flexible, most states set the necessities for licensure for insurance agents. You’ll have to enroll in an insurance agent licensure course, which helps you prepare for the licensing test in your state. Once you have enough knowledge and have completed your course, you can take the licensing exam and be closer to your career as an agent.


    Next, you’ll need to explore different opportunities for independent agents. As an independent agent, you can help clients with a variety of insurance products, such as auto, homeowners, life and renters insurance. Most aspiring agents can look for job opportunities with national insurance companies. There may also be local brokers who are looking to recruit new agents within their team. If you have trouble securing a position, you can try working an internship or being an assistant to an agent to gain valuable contacts within this field.

    A career as an independent insurance agent gives people the freedom to control their own job prospects and an opportunity to earn a high salary. If you are ready to start working towards this career, it’s never too late to get started.

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