Many Consumers May Not Consider What’s Most Important for Insurance

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  • Many Americans may be very concerned these days about the rising costs they pay for all types of insurance coverage, which can add up to considerable chunks of their incomes every single month. However, part of the reason for this might be that they don’t always think about the ways in which they can save on these policies, and the more insurance agents do to make sure they can find the most affordable coverage possible given their situations, the more likely those professionals will be to find increased business and customer satisfaction.

    When it comes to finding more affordable coverage, experts generally agree that most consumers just don’t go far enough for themselves, according to a report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. While the individual cost of all auto insurance policies held by a family may add up to a considerable amount, the savings to be found by shopping around for coverage on each is likely going to be relatively low, and yet many do this regularly. However, few do the same for home insurance, where the savings are likely to be far greater.

    “Most homeowners pay more attention to auto insurance than home insurance,” Robert Large, vice president of Pacific Specialty Insurance Co. in Menlo Park, California, told the newspaper. “It’s understandable because auto insurers bombard consumers with TV advertising. Additionally, because most families have two or more cars, most spend more on car insurance compared to the typical home insurance policy. We like to teach our customers to be better risk managers. Losing a car will cause some pain, but you wouldn’t be financially ruined as you would if the house was destroyed and wasn’t properly insured.”

    What’s the issue?
    Due to that lack of advertising, many homeowners may simply view the cost of their policies as being a fact of life, rather than something over which they have any power. However, as with any other kind of coverage, shopping around may yield positive results that allow consumers to reduce costs for protecting their home and its contents.

    It might also, however, be wise for insurance agents to make sure they’re doing more to help their clients understand the potential for savings that might exist if they can find a little more wiggle room with their current insurer. If not, they might eventually start shopping around with other companies.